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New things being tested at HiG

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HiG shared some pictures of a testing session they had, together with Klaus-J├╝rgen Wrede and several team members in their office.

We see tiles in several shapes, and perhaps a hint, with a piece of paper saying "Wonders of the World".
Also, a (mini) expansion for MoC coming?

More on the HiG Instagram and Facebook


7 Wonders of Carcassonne could be a wonderful mashup!

NGC 54:
Official clarifications are written on the back of the tiles?

While it's always exciting to see new expansions, tiles that are not 1*1 squares are just recipes for chaos IMHO. And where are we heading now? Polyominoes?

Green Builder:
I have to say the halloween expansion didn't click good with me so a mini expansion for it is not on top of my wishlist, but those weird shaped tiles... GIMME!


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