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I Love the Landscape!

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Inspired by the I Love the Postman thread, I thought it would be fun to start a thread for posting end-of-game photo(s).  Add whatever details you want, or just the photo(s).  No game is too big or too small--all Carcassonne Landscapes are beautiful!  Also feel free to add photos of the players if you have them--all Carcassonne players are beautiful, too!

I'll start with tonight's game against my daughter using my Updated Double-Sided Tiles.  Here is the landscape just before and after final scoring.  She (Gray) won over me (Yellow): 199-172.

Hi-Res Version

Hi-Res Version


Great idea!!  :D

Game with Expansion 11

Game with Fishermen / Fishing boats / Swan Lake / Angler / Fish Huts

Game with Family Feud and Gambler's Luck

Not a game, but a challenge to create ...

@Challa007, love both of the C1 custom tile landscapes!  Expansion 11 looks crazy.

@wolnic, Beautiful generalization of circular river town!

Thanks for sharing!

I just came here to say this is a really nice idea for a topic @kothmann and I'm surprised it didn't exist yet. +1 merit


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