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Hello everyone,
I am trying to collect all version of The Gifts.
I already have several Gifts and am now trying to collect the other versions as well.

I'm still looking for:
The Spanish,
The Japanese and
The Bulgarian versions.

If you can help me collect/buying these expansions I would love to hear from you.


Please remember that you should use the forum to negotiate prices, do not direct message sellers.

Please could sellers recommend the prices they are expecting for offers.

This allows everyone to see what is considered a 'fair' price. 

The best option would be..... Help me out where i can buy these on the internet. I allready found the Bulgarian gifts with the new Winteredition. I bought them both but they still did not send it to me. I did bought it on
When it arrives.... i hope soon

Hi @The-Edge !

I tried to find a copy of The Gifts from Devir for you. I contacted the publisher here in Spain but they don't sell them. They gave them as a gift -no pun intended- in the Carcassonne Nationals in July 2022. They don't list the mini on their web store, so they don't sell it either... So weird.

So I tried elsewhere and checked Devir Americas, which lists the mini but could not find a way to buy it. So I scanned some countries where Devir has presence. Some retails in Chile had the mini listed but out of stock, so no luck! :'(

Finally I tried Peru and there were some websites selling the mini but they don't ship abroad. They has some stock left, so I asked a work pal from Peru to get a copy for me. He'll be coming to Spain in March. Is that okay with you? ^-^

That is some serious hard work!
 +1 merit from me for @Meepledrone for helping a friend! Great to see!


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