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A game of hurls and clowns


I'm sure this is nothing new to you veterans, but today I combined The Catapult and Over the Big Top for the first time... and it was one of the funniest games I've ever played.
The game was very simple, between me :green-meeple: and my sister :pink-meeple:, composed solely of:

* Base Game [C3]
* Over the Big Top [C2]
* The Catapult [C1]Special house rule: carnivals (the yellow spots with a catapult and a tent) where counted as circus spaces while scoring the ringmaster. It was a very tight battle: Pink started big by closing a very big city but Green managed to recover thanks to his farmers. Circus features gave alot of points! Alas, no one managed to destroy a complete pyramid... and we both tried  :) In the end the result was 267 to 259. Definitely a good match-up.

Biggest city of the game: one is not like the others...

Acrobats waiting for their show to end so they can produce precious points

Final map. The circus didn't traveled very much this time.


Looks like a wonderful game Sir Lose-a-farm - I quite like all the points that the Circus hands out. It's a nice way to spread out the scores; looks like your game was extremely close!

None blocked Artistics? What a shame :D


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