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Can the Robbers Son place a Phantom


We recently found an interesting fan expansion called the Robber's Son.

The rules are clear that if you do use the tile to remove a highwayman from a road, you cannot then place your own meeple on the tile.

There is not a rule section for the interaction with other expansion.  How does everyone feel about a rule expansion stating that when you do remove a highwayman, you are still allowed to place your Phantom (and only your Phantom) on the Robber's Son Tile?

Another thought on this, if we are also playing with The Robbers Expansion, why not let the Robber’s Son add two more robbers to the scorecard! This would happen at the end of the turn, after the scoring phase.


It would need to be precise there more. If you use Robber's Son action, same as for Princess acrion you can not move any meeple or special figurine in the same turn, including phantom.

Thanks for the response, we can definitely live with that rule.  Looks like the only way to remove a highwayman, and possibly steal the road would be with a builder second turn if you are lucky enough to extend your builder’s feature in the same turn, then draw a second tile that does extend the road you just vacated!

PS: By the way, the other Fan Expansion we are working on is your Flying Machines 2!

We are printing the tiles on full size sheets of Sticker Project Paper, then pasting them on Carcassonne blank tiles direct from Germany.  Only problem so far is how to get the edges of the tiles not to have the white strips from the blank tiles.  We don’t want them to be noticeable when we draw random tiles from stacks of tiles.


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