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How to pay in (e.g) GBP using PayPal with EUR


I have tucked this post away here so that people who don't care about it won't be bothered by seeing it in the main forums.

If you need to send money using PayPal in a foreign currency (say GBP) using a different currency (say EUR) it is very easy.  You just need to do the following in your PayPal "Send Money" screen.  The examples are in English from a UK PayPal screen.  Of course the language may be different on your screen, and maybe it looks a little different too, but the idea is the same.:

In Step1: (image below)
Click on the "EUR" below the amount, you don't need to add an amount just yet.
This opens a drop-down list where you can choose the currency you need to send

In Step2 (image below)
In this example you are sending GBP; click on GBP and the screen changes to Step 3

In Step 3
You should now see TWO sets of amounts and currencies:
You Send (in your national language), in your currency
Recipient gets (in your national language), in their currency

Now, type the amount the recipient should get in "their box",
click somewhere else on the screen to "enter" that number, and
you should see the amount you will be charged in "your box".

Check the amounts are correct, especially what the recipient will get and in which currency, and send :)

Note: there may be fees or charges in your country that I cannot know about, sorry.  This might be 1.99 and more, depending on what currencies you are using, and whcih country your PayPal account is in.  You'll have to check. 



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