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Known bugs in Carcassonne implementation on BGA


Hi, I want to create topic with known bugs on BGA in Carcassonne game.
Maybe (with some luck) that very old bugs will be solved.

1. River large U turn - it is permited to create any U turn based river, even when between two turns are straigth river, like in rules example by HiG
2. Magic portal can be used also for place Pig and Builder - which is not allowed, because only meeple can be placed by magic portal
3. Builder stacked in city when only one meeple removed by Princess - when no meeple in city / field - all supporting figures are returning to a player's supply

Missings related to C1/C2 differences:
4. RRRF tile with inn not working by C2 rules - this is bug/no bug - when playing Carcassonne with C2 tiles, you are accepting that this tile have inn on both roads, but rules are set by C1 (even that there are 8 years C2)
5. No Abbot


Removing of builder by Princess - it's bug on design of app, because, builder is actually returned, but untel refresh of page, it is still displayed on board.

New issue for missings at all:
I. Missing tile discard warning, plus there isn't possible to show full history of game to check if tile was discarded before.

New issue for missings at all:
II. Missing information how much tiles have player in supply when plaing strategic variant. It's important to know when there are 0 tiles in deck, which player will end of game.


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