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Klaus Jurgen Wrede saw my own game:)


Ha lovely people,

I met Klaus Jurgen Wrede this week twice on Spiel Doch.

I was there for showing my own game called Hijacked and Klaus told me I have a unique card system. I got into boardgames due to Carcassonne, so it was really nice to meet.

My game got a lot of attention and some publishers really want to have it. Will be coming to Kickstarter July 12.

Have a lovely day!
Christian van Dijk

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Hope you had a great time together. Glad to hear he liked your game and that it caught a lot of attention from publishers too.

Best of lucks with the campaign!

Wow. The Mico made the Art for your game? Impressive.

Yes he did. Thanks guys!

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For people interested:

Tomorrow at 10.00 is the kickstarter launch!


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