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House Rule for pig herd (River2+Dragon)



We play by a house rule, where we put a  :@ piece (e.g. from fortune wheel) on the pig herd tile.
This had an added effect of the dragon being able to eat it. This creates an duel between trying to get the field as big as possible, and reducing the score by having the  :@ be eaten

We also plan on using a similar rule for the sheep (e.g. on halflings, still looking for fitting figures). This then also adds that one cannot score this feature multiple times for free


This is interesting!  Thanks for sharing.  +1 merit from me.

I love having “extra wood” on the landscape, so this sounds like a lot of fun.  Plus interesting tactics.

We don’t usually use the Pigs from Traders and Builders.  But I started thinking that maybe you could expand your idea a bit…

What if the Dragon really like pork, so it was required to move toward the nearest pig.  For example, if the nearest pig were 2 tiles east and 4 tiles north, the dragon could not move west or south.  If it moved east twice, it would then have to move due north.  A player could place their pig in a field any time, and the pig would increase the score of that field for whomever controlled the field.  So, a player could place their pig near an opponent’s farmer, hoping to pull the dragon to that field and eat the farmer.  But if that didn’t happen, the opponent’s farmer would end up getting more points for the farm!

What do you think?

That is certainly an interesting idea ;D
this also makes pig placement strategically valuable ^-^


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