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Has anyone tried any Maps with other expansion rules?

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Has anyone here who has the Maps played them with expansions using their actual rules, rather than just for the tiles as recommended? With or without Map Chips? How did those games go? Were there any interesting rule considerations that came up as a result?

Follow-up question: Have you used special meeples from expansions when playing with Maps? If so, did you use them in place of the recommended two additional normal meeples or in addition to them?

Disclaimer: I don't have and have never played with the maps (well, not yet anyway >:D), I'm just nosy and spend too much time thinking about hypotheticals.


I tried the Iberian Peninsula map with Map Chips and applying Inns & Cathedrals rules. No extra meeples.

Both cathedral tiles happened to end up in the same city on the southern border of the map through connecting smaller cities. The player owning the resulting city got lots of points obviously, and the other players could not do anything in order to stall or hinder the closing of this large city with the cathedrals due to its location. Too bad...  ;)

Always  :yellow-meeple:

With major and/or mini expansions rules. Never had unsolvable rule issues  :yellow-meeple:

Of course! One good use of maps with islands such as Iberian Peninsula or Taiwan is to use Exp. 8 and Russian tiles with them. There you can make good use of the Izbushka (especially with multiple copies) where you can make more points than would be otherwise possible thanks to the 1 tile islands. The bazaar aspect helps with the tile control which is also important here. :yellow-meeple:.

When playing maps, we also use the Traders & Builders rules, figures and tokens.  Works great.  We also include abbots, phantoms, barns and abbeys.  Why not?


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