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Non-standard uses for gaming material


I am someone who can find use in almost anything and it is not always a use intended by the manufacturer...
One category of such things is gaming material and components. This topic is dedicated to sharing your unusual uses for parts of the game material, leftover components, or gaming accesories. Here is my first contribution...

Card sleeves are certainly one of the most common gaming accesories and have been  widely used for years. But cards are not the only things worth protecting with the sleeves. I use the Mayday standard size premium sleeves to store nitrocellulose membranes for western blot analysis. For those unfamiliar, this is a method used for immunodetection of proteins utilizing specific antibodies (similar principle to antigen testing for viral infection)
The card sleeves provide great protection to fragile membranes. Pictures in the attachment.

What are your unique game material uses? Feel free to share them here  :(y)


I can't say I've utilized any game components for anything but their intended purpose. But I'm definitely giving you a +1 for sharing the idea, and also for your very specific use for card sleeves.  I'm also glad to see you're using premiums  :(y)

Thanks! I am interested to see what others have to offer/suggest. I know there are many uses for sleeves, dice, or empty token sheets  :yellow-meeple:


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