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This topic summarizes the conclusions of the discussions taken place on this board and on Discord. I will include reference to the questions document used as reference material.

Each post will cover one expansion and will be updated accoding to its progress.

* Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon

* Exp 6 - Count, King & Robber:
   - The Count of Carcassonne:

* Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep:

* Monasteries in Germany:

* The Watchtowers:

* The Markets of Leipzig:

* The Fruit-Bearing Trees:


>> Markets of Leipzig:

1. Meeples sent to Leipzig

* Any meeple with a valid placement on a road can be sent to Leipzig. This would discard abbots and mayors. Note that it would be preferable to only send normal meeples to Leipzig so the special abilities of other meeples are not wasted. (ML01)

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* ML01:

2. Roads connected to Leipzig

* You can only send to Leipzig those meeples placed on roads connected to Leipzig via crossroads with villages. (ML02)

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* ML02:

3. Sending meeples to Leipzig

* When completing several roads connected to Leipzig, the players with the majority on each road can send one meeple to Leipzig from each one of them. The meeples have to go to different quarters previously unoccupied by the player sending a meeple to it. (ML03)

4. Getting the bonus for a road when sending a meeple to Leipzig

* When sending a meeple to Leipzig, you only receive the Wainwrights quarter bonus the same turn if you have multiple meeples on the road and you send one of them to the Wainwrights quarter. (ML04)

* If you had only one meeple on the road, if you send it to the Wainwrights quarter, you will score 0 points for the road and you will not get the Wainwrights quarter either. (ML04)

* When sending a meeple to the Wainwrights quarter, you need more than one meeple on the road to get the bonus. (ML04)

5. The turn sequence for Markets of Leipzig

* The Wainwrights quarter, the Coiners quarter and the Bookbinders quarter grant their bonuses on the same turn a meplee is sent to them in Leipzig (ML05)
* All the roads scored by a player on the same turn he sends a meeple to the Wainwights quarter may benefit from the bonus right away, but the one sending the meeple to Leipzig has an additional condition: It has to be occupied by at least two meeples so one can be sent to Leipzig and the other one can score the road and receive the bonus. (ML06)

* The turn sequence  of Markets of Leipzig can be outlined as follows:
   1) Placing  a tile
   2) Placing a meeple
   3) Scoring a feature
       Step 3A) Markets of Leipzig prologue: send meeples to Leipzig
          - Players check for meeples that can be sent to Leipzig
             - Candidates: meeples on completed roads connected to Leipzig where the player has the majority.
          - Players decide which meeples are sent to Leipzig, if any
             - Players may send 1 candidate meeple per road, which will not participate in the scoring of the road
             - The other meeples stay on the feature and participate in the scoring of the road as usual
          - Leipzig configuration is updated accordingly
        Step 3B) Regular scoring takes place (with meeples remaining on features)
          - Majority is reevaluated at this point on roads with meeples sent to Leipzig.
          - The Leipzig bonuses will be granted according to the meeples present in Leipzig.

So there are no special cases.
Meeples removed in Step 3A do not score points. And Step 3B is regular scoring considering the Leipzig bonuses.

See more detail here:

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* ML06:

6. Bonus for monasteries

* Empty monasteries do not trigger the Bookbinders quarter bonus, only occupied monasteries do. (ML07)

* All monastic buildings (monasteries, abbeys, shrines, German monasteries, Dutch & Belgian monasteries, Japanese buildings and Dramstadt churches) trigger the Bookbinders quarter bonus. (ML08)

* German cathedrals, gardens and Baba Yags's Hut (sometimes defined as an anticloister) do not trigger the Bookbinders quarter bonus (ML07)

* Not discussed, but German castles with a scoring mechanic similar to monasteries does not trigger the Bookbinders quater bonus

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7. Leipzig as a special feature - interaction with othe expansions

* The dragon may be placed on any Leipzig tile but it will not affect any meeples placed within the city. It is similar to the city of Carcassonne and its interior is a special area not affected by the dragon. (ML11)

* Magic portals can deploy meeples to uncompleted unoccupied features outside the city of Leipzig. (ML11)

* Flying machines can deploy meeples to uncompleted features outside the city of Leipzig (fields are not allowed) (ML11)

* You won't be able to deploy meeples to the city of Leipzig  with a magic portal or a flying machine. (ML11)
* The fairy can be assigned to meeples placed outside of the city of Leipzig. (ML11)

* A tower may not capture a meeple placed within the city of Leipzig. The city of Leipzig is considered like the city of Carcassonne, and its interior  is a special area not assigned to a particular tile and therefore not affected by towers. (ML12)

8. Scoring the Leipzig bonuses

* During the scoring of a feature, any Leipzig bonus is scored as a separate scoring event from the features being scored, even Wainwrights quarter bonus for a road just completed. (ML15)

* Any Leipzig bonus is treated as an independent scoring event. The bonus is triggered by the meeples in Leipzig during a scoring, so even if they are connected to a feature where the player is present, the bonus is scored independently. For example: the Wainwrights quarter bonus or the Coiners bonus. (ML15)

9. Compatibility with C1

* The classic edition of the base game does not feature farmhouses or sheds, as included in the new edition. Could the small cottages in the classic artwork be considered for the Tanners quarter bonus? (ML16)

The base game includes the following features in the fields:

C1 - 13 buildings = 6 brown farms + 3 little red-roofed farms + 4 small red-roofed cottages
C2 - 16 buildings = 8 farmhouses + 8 sheds (2 donkey stables, 4 pigsties, 2 cowsheds)

10. Bonus for fields scored during the game

* The Tanners quarter bonus should apply also to fields scorings during the game:
   - When placing a barn on a field with farmers
   - When connecting fields with farmers to another with a barn

* The rules state that the Tanners quater bonus applies to farmers with the majority in a field at the end of the game (strict HiG rules)
* This can be interpreted as a statement aligned with the base game rules, where there are no other types of field scorings. So this does not represent a limitation for other expansions, such as, Exp. 5 which adds the barn, which were outside the scope of the rules provided. (Community rules)

11. Bonus for the barn

* The Tanners quarter bonus should not apply to the scoring of the barn after the game. The bonus only applies to farmers with the majority in a field. (ML10)

EDIT: Added sectiona 10 & 11.

>> Exp. 6 (The Count of Carcassonne)

1. Turn sequence

* Before any scoring takes place, these actions may happen following this order:
   1. Sending meeples to Leipzig: players who decide to send a meeple from a just-finished road to Leipzig (Markets of Leipzig)
   2. Sending meeples from Carcassonne to the just finished feature (The Count of Carcassonne)

* Players peform one single loop to deploy meeples from Carcassonne to any completed features of their choice.

>> The Watchtowers

1. Turn sequence

* You score the watchtowers before you score all the roads and cities just finished. (WA01/Q1)

* Watchtowers should be scored before any features so their scoring is not affected by the removal of any meeples during the scoring. (WA01/Q2).

2. Scoring watchtowers with multiple meeples on the tile.

Note: Multiple elements may lead to scenarios similar to this one: magic portals, flying machines, crop circles, the 20th Anniversary Expansion, deploying meeples from Carcassonne, phantoms,… As a result, there may be more than one city or road segment on a watchtower tile occupied by one or multiple meeples belonging to one or more players.

* The watchtower bonus is scored once per meeple on the watchtower tile if the meeple is in a feature just completed, no matter the majority. Other meeples present on incomplete features on the watchtower tile will not be entitled to the watchtower bonus. (WA02)

* The watchtower bonus is scored once per meeple on the watchtower tile even if they belong to the same player and they are on the same completed feature. (WA03)

3. Watchtowers and bridges

* A meeples placed on a bridge on a watchtower tile cannot trigger the watchtower bonus, even if it is on a completed road that loops back and ends at the watchtower on the same tile as the bridge. Therefore only a meeple placed on printed road (or city) on a watchtower can trigger the watchtower bonus. (WA05)

* A meeple on a bridge may not trigger the watchtower bonus but it will be counted by any neighboring watchtower scoring bonus points for meeples. (WA05).

Note: Bridges are not directly affected by features printed on the tile they are standing:
* An inn on a tile with a bridge does not directly affect the road containing the bridge.
* A farmhouse, a garden, a shed, a highwaymen symbol or a traveller group on a tile will not affect a bridge placed it when scoring a tollhouse placed on one of the ends of the road containing the bridge.
The same will happen with watchtowers.

4. Watchtowers and castles

* When scoring a watchtower bonus for neighboring meeples you will also count any neighboring castle lords.

Note: This rule behaves the same as castle lords (Exp. 8 ) receive points for the big top (Exp. 10) - See Exp. 8 rules on page 6.

5. Watchtowers and monastic buildings

* All monastic buildings should be considered by watchtowers scoring for monasteries:
  - Abbeys and shrines are considered monasteries.
  - Special monasteries (German monasteries, Japanese buildings and Belgian & Dutch monasteries) and Darmstadt churches are used to replace monasteries in the base game providing additional mechanics.

6. Watchtowers at the end of the game

* The watchtower bonus is only triggered when scoring completed features during the game, so players do not score watchtowers bonus points after the game. (WA08)

>> The Fruit-bearing Trees

1. Trigerring fruit actions

* A fruit action is triggered by the meeple placement in 2. Placing  a meeple, so if multiple meeples are placed (for example a wooden meeple and a phantom), each meeple would trigger one fruit action. (FBT02/Q1)

* Each meeple placed on the tile with the fruit-bearing tree or a tile adjacent to it can perform one fruit action per tree. (FBT02/Q2)

* The fruit action performed for each tree is independent, so a meeple can harvest fruit from some neighboring trees and sell fruit with others. You could even harvest and sell the same fruit chaining fruit actions with different trees. (FBT01)

* All meeples may trigger fruit actions (FBT04)


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