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Thanks for the long share Gantry!

Thank you so much Gantry for the great idea to create this CarcC forum.

Hi Gantry!

Thank you for stopping by. So interesting to know a bit more about the origins of Carcassonne Central. You will always be welcome.

It is so great your brainchild welcomed all of us and allowed us to meet incredible people and to share our passion about this humble game that have grown so much through these years. Satisfying our curiosity for the Carcassonne world, sharing our creativity and our experiences have become part of our daily life due to this forum.

+1 merit from for sharing wihth us and helping us with the transition. ;)

In the same spirit you have kept Carcassonne Central, we have kept Wikicarpedia ad-free so the experience is clean and welcoming, even more if you are staying for a few minutes just to find an answer and get back swiftly to game. ^-^

See you around!

I believe the website needs an urgent update, the following problem is untolerable for such a high standing community :)

let's vote ? :)

Terribly disheartening!  :o


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