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Caral, a new game by KJW on Kickstarter


Hi all,

I just came across this new game by KJW on Kickstarter. There will be two versions of the game a retail version and a deluxe version not to be available in stores. The game takes you to Peru and its old cities full of pyramids...

You can find the Kickstarter campaing here.

What do you think of the game and its mechanics?


I’m a KJW games collector too… another game to buy?? So many on my hands… cruel world…

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In this case, then add this one to your list if you didn't already. Fire & Stone by KJW to be released in 2021 published by Pegasus.

BTW, it seems that Christof Tisch is now working with Pegasus, or so they say on CarcF.

Hmm a lot of money just to but because of author. I don't like fixed board place games :(

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