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Be careful what you wish for...

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One of the great things about Carcassonne Central is the community, and how people from all across the globe all seem to have fallen in love with 45mm square tiles that depict the South of France (Don't mention halflings).

So, while this is off-topic, I thought it would be a fun little game to play.

The game starts by making a wish, and the next person replies granting their wish, but reminding them of the impact of their desires, before making their own wish.
It's a faux pas to forget to make a wish, but someone else can start the thread off again.

For example:

> I wish I did not have to work.

>Granted. But the world is now overrun by an evil synthetic intelligence that perceives all humans as a threat to its existence.  You have to fight to survive.
> I wish ...

So I'll start:

I wish I claimed that cloister


Ok, that sounds interesting!

Let's have a look...

>Granted, however by doing that, you don't have a meeple available to defend your main farm, meaning you end up losing the game when the last tile allows your opponent to join another farmer onto it, making them victorious

I wish I placed the fairy next to my meeple

That's the spirit.  I'll reply to this one but let some others get a chance:

Granted. Unfortunately it was on a Pyramid with all the other players.  No one remembers how the scoring works and the game descends into Chaos while you work it out.

I wish to strike oil in my garden.

>Granted. You stroke the oil in the middle of your garden, but in an ironic twist of fate, the whole world switched to renewable fuel sources the very next day and now you just have an oily mess of a lawn.

I wish I could play lifesize Carcassonne.

Granted, but you became wood in your own game, and lost all control over yourself. You ended up on the scoretracker so didn’t enjoy anything of the game.

I wish I had a printer to print fan expansions on the bland tiles from cundco.


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