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Große Catan-Fanerweiterungssammlung (Large Catan Expansion Collection)

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ich habe vor vielen Jahren angefangen alles im Internet zu sammeln was ich an Catan-Fanerweiterungen finde. Nun sind sehr viele Fan-Seiten verschwunden und die tollen Ideen damit auch. Ich finde es sehr schade. Daher habe ich begonnen alles was geht zu erhalten. Ich habe über 500 Fan-Ideen gesammelt und es werden laufend mehr. Eigentlich suche ich nach den Autoren, fehlenden Dateien usw. und finde dabei immer mehr tolle Ideen.

Sind hier im Forum Catan-Fans, die evtl. etwas auf der Festplatte haben, oder ein Autor einer Fan-Erweiterung ist?


Many years ago, I started collecting everything I could find on the Internet about Catan fan extensions. Now, a lot of fan sites have disappeared, and so have the great ideas. I think it's a great pity. Therefore, I have started to preserve everything that is possible. I have collected more than 500 fan ideas and there are more and more all the time. Actually I search for the authors, missing files etc. and find more and more great ideas.

Are there any Catan fans here on the forum who might have something on their hard drive, or is an author of a fan expansion?


I think that it will be found some Catan fans. I'm interested on fan expansions also :D

Ich denke dass Catan Spielerer sind hier. Ich bin auch Fanerweiterungen Fan :D

Did somebody say Catan?!?! I have acquired quite the collection of Catan (pictured), but sadly, I do not have many fan expansions.

Here are the ones I do have as files:
1. Codama Design Development cards
2. "The Stingiest Trader" Card
3. Traders & Barbarians Ultimate (Rules)
4. Heroes and Capitals (Rules. Requires additional parts.)
5. Landschaften By Joachim Tangemann (Many river tiles)

Fan items that I physically own:
1. Heroes and Capitals - by Zach Overcashier
2. Insurgency gaming Development Cards for C&K. (I only Have the Green and Yellow Decks. I doubt I will ever locate a blue deck :()
3. Civilizations of Catan - by Adelheid Zimmerman
4. The Longest Turn (Pretty sure every Fan of Catan has this  ::) ;D)

Do you have any printable tile files you could share? I am mostly interested in stuff along those lines.

I have game pieces to exchange if you are interested, tell me

Dann schaut mal hier rein.
Da ist noch lange nicht alles drin. Ich hoffe ihr helft mir das eine oder andere zu vervollständigen.

Then take a look here.
There is still far not everything in it. I hope you help me to complete one or the other.


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