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From time to time, we get questions about the size of various components. The answers provided were always imprecise, so I decided to obtain the necessary equipment and do a proper study.

The Equipment

Digital caliper
Precision: 0.01mm
Limit: 150.00mm

Digital scale
Precision: 0.01g
Limit: 100g

Original Carcassonne and expansions

Tiles: 45.00mm long x 45.00mm wide x 2.05mm thick (thickness varies between expansions from 1.92mm to 2.05mm) - 2.81g
Scoring track: 259.2mm long x 178.2mm wide x 2.04mm thick (length and width are too large to caliper) - approx 65g (too large to weigh on digital scale; had to use a manual suspension hand scale)
Trade good: 20.25mm wide x 20.80mm tall x 2.05mm thick - 0.47g
Tower: 118.42mm wide x 66.12mm deep x 228mm tall (too tall to measure with caliper) - (too heavy; need a larger capacity scale)
Knock out token: 24.85mm wide x 19.97mm tall x 1.95mm thick - 0.64g
Seduction token: 22.05mm wide x 21.86mm tall x 1.95mm thick - 0.62g
Target hurling token: 24.13mm diameter x 1.96mm thick - 0.62g
Catch token: 19.14mm diameter x 1.95mm thick - 0.40g
Measuring board: 205.3mm long x 56.34mm tall x 1.93mm thick (length was approximated; too long to caliper) - 10.51g
(measurement markings from 0 to 20 cm were verified accurate against my tape measure)
Tile bag (T&B): 205mm wide x 264mm tall - 14.07g
Bridge: 45.63mm long x 24.37mm tall x 10.27mm wide - 4.77g
Castle: 36.40mm wide x 29.68mm tall x 2.20mm thick - 1.22g

Regular meeple: 16mm wide x 15.98mm tall x 9.94mm thick - 1.26g
Big meeple: 18.50mm wide x 19.28mm tall x 9.88mm thick - 1.70g
Builder: 14.29mm wide x 20.52mm tall x 9.80mm thick - 1.21g
Pig: 22.11mm long x 11.15mm tall x 8.01mm thick - 0.84g
Count: 19.40mm wide x 29.02mm tall x 10.99mm thick - 2.85g
Fairy: 10.62mm x 18.05mm tall x 10.11mm thick - 0.92g
Dragon: 52.80mm long x 24.88mm tall x 12.03mm thick - 6.18g
Tower: 18.01mm long x 17.13mm wide x 10.84mm tall - 1.80g
Mayor: 18.86mm wide x 18.70mm tall x 10.15mm thick - 1.48g
Wagon: 20.33mm long x 10.08mm tall x 10.12mm thick/wide - 1.22g
Barn: 19.44mm wide x 18.86m long x 15.07mm tall - 2.56g
Catapult: 257mm long x 54mm tall x 22.86mm wide (too long for caliper, and height cannot be calipered due to flexibility) - 29.81g
Pig from Wheel of Fortune: 25.71mm long x 13.66mm tall x 10.12mm thick - 1.91g

Carcassonne: The Castle

Castle tiles: 44.88mm wide x 44.92mm long x 2.03mm thick - 2.81g
Wall tiles: 24.85mm wide x 25.99mm long x 2.00mm thick - 0.88g
Follower: 14.98mm wide x 18.10mm tall x 10.24mm thick - 1.24g
Keep: 13.20mm wide x 20.08mm tall x 10.04mm thick - 1.17g

The Ark of the Covenant

Scoring track: 258.8mm long x 179.1mm wide x 2.04mm thick - approx 60g (too large to weigh on digital scale; had to use a manual suspension hand scale)
Tiles: 43.86mm wide x 44.68 long x 2.11mm thick - 3.20g

Follower: 15.88mm wide x 15.22mm tall x 10.01mm thick - 1.16g
Prophet: 19.67mm wide x 19.48mm tall x 10.21mm thick - 1.76g
Wooden ark: 42.33mm long x 22.20mm wide x 15.79mm tall - 4.03g

New World/Mayflower

Scoring track: 449mm long x 18.0mm wide x 2.17mm thick - approx 95g (too large to measure with caliper and too heavy to weight on digital scale)
Tiles: 44.84mm wide x 44.94mm tall x 2.17mm thick - 2.92g
Settler: 13.23mm wide x 18.28mm tall x 10.08mm thick - 1.05g
Surveyor: 17.71mm wide x 20.89mm tall x 10.28mm thick - 1.76g

Carcassonne: The City

Long wall: 43.69mm long x 14.93mm tall x 8.91mm thick - 3.50g
Short wall: 34.44mm long x 15.07mm tall x 9.00mm thick - 2.93g
Tower: 15.53mm diameter x 33.87mm tall - 2.89g
Meeple: 15.98mm wide x 16.24mm tall x 9.93mm thick - 1.12g

10th Anniversary Edition

Scoring Track: 220mm* wide x 220mm* tall x 1.83mm thick - 40.88g
Tiles: 45.08mm wide x 45.08mm tall x 1.89mm thick - 2.70g
Meeples: 15.82mm wide x 15.85mm tall x 7.98mm thick - 1.43g
Box: 233mm* wide x 233mm* tall x 65.10mm thick (I don't normally measure the box, but since it's meeple-shaped I thought somebody might be interested.)

* Measured with a ruler; may not be exact.

The Phantom

Meeples: 15.82mm wide x 15.85mm tall x 7.98mm thick - 1.43g
Box: 58.44mm wide x 58.82mm tall x 23.83mm thick - 23.15g (empty)

Naturally I couldn't resist and had to buy one of each color of the box.

The Dice Game

Dice: 15.94mm x 15.68mm x 15.77mm - 5.25g
Box: 110.00mm x 109.50mm x 41.61mm thick - 69.46g

I triple-checked the caliper measurements on the dice and got the same numbers each time. You would expect dice to be perfectly square, but apparently not. The dice line up perfectly with each other regardless of orientation, so you can't really tell the difference just by looking at them. The catapult face is opposite of the meeple face. To the right of the catapult is the CCFF joined face. Left of the catapult is CFCF (two opposing half-rounds). Above the catapult is CCCF, and below is CCFF unjoined. Each die is identical. Let's examine the faces more closely:

Catapult: 15.93mm x 15.86mm = 252.6498mm^2
Meeple is on opposing face and therefore same size.

CCFF joined: 15.86mm x 15.89mm = 252.0154mm^2
CFCF is on opposing face and therefore same size.

CCCF: 15.93mm x 15.71mm = 250.2603mm^2
CCFF unjoined is on opposing face and therefore same size.

The catapult and meeple faces are indeed the largest. The largest face will have a higher percentage of landing because the center of gravity is shifted in the die.

Those are the only ones I have at the moment, but I'll add more measurements as I purchase the games/expansions.

Joff has heard a rumor that the meeples from The Children of Carcassonne will be 23mm tall x 21mm wide.
scotty13 reports that the tiles are 7cm square.
According to GAKDragon, the travel Carcasonne tile bag is 18.5cm wide by 29cm tall.


Sizing Information

Carcassonne - South Sea:

Islanders: 16mm high - 10mm thick.
Fish big: 21mm long, 8mm thick
Fish small: 16mm long, 8mm thick
Banana big: 22mm long, 8mm thick
Banana small: 16mm long, 6mm thick
Shell big: 15mm long x 13mm high x 8mm thick
Shell small: 13mm long x 11mm high x 6mm thick

What about travel carc tiles


--- Quote from: Rosco on May 18, 2014, 11:51:10 PM ---What about travel carc tiles

--- End quote ---
the size of a Travel Carcassonne tile is 35mm

Sizing Information

Carcassonne - Goldrush:

Cowboy: 19mm high - 14mm wide - 10mm thick
Tent: 10mm high -10 mm wide - 14mm thick

Nugget token: 20mm diameter


Carcassonne - Goldrush - Mini: " Der Sheriff":

Sheriff:   17mm high - 14mm wide - 10mm thick
(design like a Cowboy but in gold)


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