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One of my other hobbies is crochet.

Here comes an example - almost finished - a violet cat with yellow eyes - a crochet potholder


Have you played the game Patchwork? It combines two of your hobbies :)

Hi jungleboy,
no - I haven't played that game - I saw it at "Spiel" in Essen.

And Patchwork is not crochet.

This topic is for other hobbies than board games.

I am really into geocaching.  In case you don't know, it is using a GPS or a phone app to find hidden boxes "caches" all over the world.  Some are just tiny containers with a log book and others are bigger and contain miscellaneous items for trading (usually little cheap toys).  It gets me and my son outside and it gives me something else to do when I go hiking.

One year before I started geocaching, I took a trip to Berlin.  I went to Sony Plaza and saw the big Lego Giraffe there.  Somewhere near that giraffe is one of the most found geocaches in the world.  I kick myself that I didn't start the hobby just a bit earlier. 

another hobby of mine is to build something with wood.

one of my newest projects was for my bedroom.

There was a small hole between the bed corner and the wall.

I decided to fill the hole with a small shelf.

the 3 plates have the size 25 cm wide and 20 cm deep. The shelf is around 125 cm high.


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