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For the benefit of any new members of the community, or those who aren’t already aware of the situation regarding the sale of fan-made Carcassonne expansions, some of the Global Moderators/ Admins thought it might be helpful to explain the legal arrangement that we have in place with HiG in order to protect both CarcassonneCentral and everyone’s intellectual property. Please read it and bear this in mind whenever you’re browsing eBay or wherever in search of new Carcassonne stuff:

CarcassonneCentral's arrangement with German publishing company “Hans im Glück” (who effectively own the game Carcassonne) allows us to use original Carcassonne tile designs as a base/ template for producing the artwork for our own fan-made expansions. Furthermore, these fan-made expansions are allowed to be made available via our downloads section which entitles anyone who is a member here to download any number of fan-made expansions including printable tiles and rules explaining how to use them for free.

What this doesn’t allow is for people to download fan-made expansions from CarcassonneCentral and then try to sell them on eBay or any other online auction site. In fact, you’re not allowed to sell them at all; nobody is (not even the people who made them) and no such sale will ever be endorsed or allowed by CarcassonneCentral. The impressive collection of free fan-made expansions available on CarcassonneCentral is only possible because a great many talented people have worked very hard to produce them, and I hope you’ll be just as disgusted by the idea that anyone should be trying to make money from their efforts as I am. Unfortunately though, it happens...

The sale of anything “unofficial” that uses original Carcassonne artwork or any CarcassonneCentral branding (the name, logo, any reference to the CAR etc) is illegal, as is the sale of any of our fan-made expansions. If you see anything like this available, don’t buy it! Please alert any of the Administrators or Global Moderators of this site and include a link to the sale if possible so that the appropriate action can be taken. Please also note that you may encounter unofficial figures, tokens and other artefacts which may be advertised as being for use with Carcassonne. Whilst these may not be illegal as such, buy cautiously if you don’t know exactly what you're buying!

In addition to the above, if you are the designer/ creator of your own fan-made Carcassonne expansion (or are thinking about becoming one), please read the additional notes included in the following post before you embark on your project: Legal Notice from Hans-im-Glueck Spielverlag.

Any questions, please ask!  :)



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