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Yep, I'm still up for 2 copies  ;D

General / I got the collection out
« on: May 03, 2023, 08:56:28 AM »
After we got a glimpse of the Archives of HiG, as well as some questions i've been getting, i wanted to try and see if i could put my entire collection out in 1 place.
My normal office would not give me enough room, so i confiscated my partner's office for the weekend, and set everything up. As i usually have a bunch of stuff in storage, i got that down, unpacked them and included them all:


After setting it all up, taking a bunch of pictures and videos, i set to put it all back into the normal displays and storage. As i try to keep a system in what goes into storage, it took me quite some time on Sunday and Monday to pack it all away, but it's all packed up again  ;D

I would be in for 2 copies!

And I'm happy to distribute here where needed, but of course also happy for it to go to The Edge in NL, as that might be easier for EU distribution?

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: May 02, 2023, 02:30:07 PM »
You're probably one of the first to receive their Cundco order! Great haul for you!

I'd like a few copies, but they don't ship to the UK (stupid Brexit!)
Anyone open to order some and forward them?

News and Events / Re: BigBox box for collectors - Corrected Box Art
« on: May 02, 2023, 04:23:43 AM »
Space is for the weak! Admit it, you need this version of the big box!  ;)

News and Events / Re: BigBox box for collectors
« on: May 01, 2023, 02:29:40 PM »
Ah, have they finally reprinted it?

So far, the Devir box was the only fully correct box (at least on the front).
I'll be sure to pick up this one soon as well then!

Im still need the dutch c3 basegame to fit them in :-\
It's a sad thing that 999games didn't released the c3 basegame.

Very much agree. Especially as they have them, but just won't release until C2 stock has gone  :o

They have also been announced today!

There will be 2 new sets, a large and a small one.
The large set will include an inlay for the base game box, which can also be used to start the game in 3D:

A brief look at the inlay itself:

I'm just hoping nobody realises that I was wearing the exact same hoody at our meetup around this time last year..... :o

Haha! News spreads very quickly!

Meeting up is often talked about, but not often enough are there opportunities to do so.
It had been almost a full year since our last meet up, and once again, Dan, Rich, Tom and myself were struggling to find a date & time that would fit all of us.

Tom had shared the idea of the 4 of us visiting the Museum of Board Games, which is run by Tony Boydell, board game designer and all around great guy!

I think it was Rich who came up with the idea to meet on a weekday. Taking the day off would ensure that we probably didn't have any prior commitments, so we did accordingly, and the date was set for last friday, April 21st!

Despite it being a day off, i set off on my road trip north around 6am. Arriving at Dan's just before 8; perfect timing for a cup of tea! He showed me his Dan-den, with his beautiful Carcassonne collection (amongst other games). Mrsisthirty asked if my collection was similar to Dan's. Dan was quick to recommend a trip down to the seafront and a visit to the Carcassonne Museum, so she would see it can always be worse  :))

We set on our way further east, on to the lovely town of Newent! Tom and Rich arrived moments before us, so perfect timing! We started our meet up with a scavenger hunt; to try and find the Museum of Board Games! It was somewhat hidden in a little trade town, with many small shops around each other. Looking back, we took the longest way around, and didn't see the signage, so at least we had fun  :o
But then we found it!

Tony was waiting for us, and we got a first introduction to the Museum of Board Games!

Tony has this nice unit all set up with shelving, display cases and of course a little play area in the middle of the room!
We had a quick look around and introductions to Tony before he gave us our first challenge! We all got a list of questions, the answers to which could be found all around the museum. Not only was it a fun little tour, it also helped a lot to find out more about the games in the museum, as well as hearing anecdotes and background information about the games from Tony, who proved to be a very knowledgeable curator!

After a while, we decided it was time for coffee though, and then we needed to play a game!
As Tony is the designer of the game Snowdonia (definitely a game to recommend btw), of course we had to play that with him! He brought out a new expansion module for it, which would be getting its first 5-player game test!
The rules were pretty straightforward, so we set off to play!
I was the only one fairly new to the game, but i didn't let that stop me!

This was definitely the most enjoyable game of Snowdonia i have played (out of the 3 times i've played it), as we had a lot of banter and fun around the game and our decisions during (such as the care for our workers.... or lack thereof)
I didn't come last, which i think was also a first for me with this game, so i am happy with the result! Tony won, which i guess we could've seen coming  ;D

Time for lunch, and one of the local cafe's had us covered with many burgers, sausages, beans, chips and everything you can think off for a (cheat)day out!

Once back, we realised that the day wouldn't be complete without playing Carcassonne, so it was good that i brought a copy of Mists over Carcassonne. Of course for Tony it was new, but to my shock and amazement, none of the others had played it yet!!  :o

I also brought the resin ghost, made by @MMike , which look really nice and added to our game experience!
We made our way through level 1 with ease, but in level 2 we ran out of ghosts fairly quickly, so a second attempt was needed to beat that one.

Our time came to an end, as the day had flown by! But we couldn't leave the Museum of Board Games without ensuring it would have a copy of Carcassonne in the collection, which we luckily prepared for!

We were very happy to gift an almost new copy of the C1 base game (RGG 6th edition), with tiles still in frames, accompanied by a tile signed by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede, a Dan-meeple, and Dan even brought a copy of his strategy guide The Book of Carcassonne!

Once back to the cars, we had to exchange boxes between us of course! We often share orders to save on shipping etc, and i had prepared care packages in advance

As it had been just about a year since i had seen Rich, his bag was filled to the brim with expansions, base games, spin offs and several very nice things for him to try and find storage for hahaha

We ended the day in a local coffee shop, enjoying a nice coffee (hot chocolate in my case) and of course cake!

Dan drove me back to his house, where we enjoyed another cup of tea before i could set of south once again, arriving home just in time to feed the cats, clear up some bits and hitting the sack after a long and busy day  ;D

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: April 08, 2023, 05:53:47 AM »
I thought i would have to wait until after the Easter weekend, but the postman works hard even today!

I was eagerly awaiting this delivery:

A while back i found someone on BGG who said they had a version of Carc20 in Thai. I got intrigued, and we started chatting. Not long after, i confirmed i would love to have one of these for the Museum. They were very happy to help, and send over this copy of the Thai Carc20!
It's from a publisher called Lanlalen, which we haven't heard from before. I'm a happy (Easter)bunny now  ;D

Great to see it all arrived!

All thanks to @Challa007 for organising, and of course all well deserved @Meepledrone !

Haven't read the rules yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if that would be part of it.

Just got my review copy in, will be playing it and writing a review soon!

It has been released!

Pretty in Pink won the vote, according to Cundco listing:

A view of the landscape:

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