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General / Essen in Essen '23
« on: October 15, 2023, 07:44:28 AM »
As a lot of people will have heard, we went to Essen again this year!
People in our Discord got bombarded with short messages and random pictures, so let's see if i can summarise how it all went.

Preparations before we could storm the convention
In preparation for our travel from the UK to Essen, @Decar was planning a visit to the Museum before setting off. As we live a few hours apart, and not really on the way to the Eurotunnel, it would mean staying over. So of course i prepared something for a Night at the Museum ;)

Things happened, and unfortunately we had to change our plans, but I'll make sure to have this prepared for you next time!

In the end, we met up at a motorway service station at around 7:20am. Perfect time for a Dingo breakfast i would say! After this we parked Decar's car in Ashford and set off to the Eurotunnel.

When we got there, we thought we could smoothly drive through. But this time, we were stopped for a further check. The customs officer asked where we were going (well, at first he assumed we were going to the Netherlands), and when he heard we were going to a board game convention, he asked us where in the Dutch Monopoly board we could find The Hague or Amsterdam....
Luckily i knew the answer  8)

Driving through France, Belgium, Netherlands and ending up in Germany was actually quite smooth this time. We had a good chat, and the time flew by. With a ~30 min stop included, it took us about 5 hours from Calais to our hotel in Oberhausen!

After we settled in, we walked to a large shopping centre across the road, with a massive food court. Luckily for us, it also had a Frittenwerks!

Once back at the hotel, we had about 5 hours to wait for @Meepledrone to finally finish flapping his arms all the way from Spain. I cam prepared, and brought games with me to play (bringing games to Essen.... it still feels weird).

2 games of Radlands saw us both win once, Art Robbery (works better with more players i think) was a win for Tom twice (i think?). Splendor Duel i would argue was a draw, as I actually helped Tom devise the winning move in the last turn. I also got greedy and could've won the turn before that, but tough luck for me.
We played some Pass the Pigs, and ended the evening of course with a round of Carcassonne!

Some people might say it was unfair, as one player had their large meeple on the field and the other one didn't notice until near the end of the game, but that's just the way the game is played (i won ;) )
New Kings Orders were once again nice in this game!

Once Hector arrived we had another round of beer, lots of hugs and gifts and a great time catching up!

It's time!
Thursday and Friday
We went early this year! To avoid the busy roads, we left our hotel, grabbed a Dingos on the way, and parked at the convention at 8:30.
With our early arrival, we were basically at the front of the queue to get in!

Once the doors opened (promptly at 10!), it was no surprise that i made a quick dash to the HiG booth!
Only 6 minutes past 10, first purchase done and Spiel tile secured!

Throughout the days, it was a mix of quite a few HiG runs to get bits for other people, burger for lunch and visiting various booths. Highlights include visiting the booth for Final Girl, a game that Tom has been recommending and i managed to pick up quite a few bits for, MicroMacro, who also had a big wheel of fortune that put me in prison a few times (although both Tom and Hector managed to win promos). I also did a thing where i was in a tube and had to catch flyerthingies and if i got the right one i could win a prize.
Apparently, i got the right one, and i won a free copy of the card game ArchMallows!

Near the end of the Thursday, we sat down to play a game of Red Palace, an Alhambra spin-off

We were a bit later on Friday, so we figured we should just drive faster to make up for lost time

At the end of both  days, we went to Burgerheart for dinner. Big burgers, lots of beer and on friday evening even @Linkarssonne (Linksux) arrived to join in the fun!

Carcassonne Meetups
As is tradition, we also made sure to have meet ups with people from CarcassonneCentral, Carcassonne Forum and everyone else Carcassonne related. Both Thursday and Friday we met up, chatted about Carcassonne, sharing gifts and making new friends!

The day we weren't in Essen?!
On the Saturday, we actually didn't visit the convention at all!
This year, the Carcassonne World Championships were held on the Saturday, at the Spielezentrum in Herne, about 20 mins away from our hotel.

But first, Tom managed to convince us all to visit an old upside down railway line in Wuppertal! This was build in the early 1900's, and looks very industrial and futuristic at the same time!

Once we made our way back to the car, we headed to Herne, where the World Championships were in full flow! We came in after the 2nd or 3rd round (can't remember).
It was a great afternoon, speaking with many people, making many new friends and of course promoting the Carcassonne Museum ;)

The championships themselves were great to watch, especially the last few games being played. I didn't actually watch the finale up close, as i was watching the battle for 3rd place.
In the end, Matt Tucker gets to call himself Carcassonne World Champion for the next year!

And we were blessed with a visit from none other than Klaus-Jurgen Wrede himself! He took the time to sign things, take pictures and chat with everyone there. There was a long line, and we figured we might take quite a bit of his time, so we made sure to let all the players go first, as they had more games to play!

After the championships, almost all players and several guests like ourselves went out for food and drinks at a nearby pub. It was great to chat with so many people, make even more connections and just have a fun evening together

Right, back to the convention you!
On Sunday, we made our way back to the convention. After we parked, i enjoyed a little nap as i wasn't in too much of a rush to get in today. Once in, more HiG, ice creams and MicroMacro wheels would follow!
At 1pm, there was the prize ceremony for the World Championships, so we made sure to be there on time!

But before that started, Thomas and Moritz had a special surprise...
They called out that there is a Carcassonne Museum?!  :o

I was called to the front, and was given a very special gift from Hans im Gluck! Myself on a tile! Designed by Marcel Groeber, actually printed by HiG, framed and signed by KJW!

Thank you again Hans im Gluck and of course Meepledrone, Edouard, Danisthirsty and Decar for keeping this a secret and helping create such a special surprise! I'm still amazed when i look at the frame that is currently standing on my desk!

Group pictures of course had to be taken:

@Decar , @Willem , @Meepledrone , @Linkarssonne (Linksux) , @totor66

After all was said and done, we made sure to play a game of Carcassonne. But not just any, we played the first ever game of Pinkassonne!
A 4-player game with Linksux, Isabella, Benny and myself, with special meeple from Spain!

I managed to win, partly due to the farm that i blocked a second meeple from Linksux out of, and also my best move, blocking 1 meeple from each of the others in 1 go!

At the end of the day, we were able to sneak in a game of Misfits, which is kind of like Jenga, but with different shaped blocks. It was quite fun, and Linksux showed his strategic mindset and managed to win!

We enjoyed a beer with Andreas at the HiG booth, before making our way out. Back to the hotel, where we played a nice game of Carcassonne between the 4 of us.
I didn't take any pictures it seems, so let's hope one of the others did.
Decar won, i came second. And as we know, Second's Best!  ;) 8)

That's it, back home with you!
On Monday it was good that we did some planning, as it turned out i misremembered our Eurotunnel back by 2 hours. So we set off around 10, and drove back. With a stop at a supermarket in NL, and a burger king in Belgium ;)
I said goodbye to Decar once we picked up his car and the last 2 hours of driving brought me home!
Some impression of my Essen haul:

So, what did you learn?
It was a great weekend. The Championships actually being in Herne was a good format, and it allowed for much more interaction between players and spectators. Thomas showed me around and actually donated quite a few amazing pieces of Carcassonne history to the Museum! What a nice guy, open to everyone and genuinely loving what he does!

I'm sure i've glossed over a lot, but who's reading all of this anyway ;)

News and Events / New releases announced for Essen onwards
« on: September 18, 2023, 10:07:36 AM »
At Essen, a few new things will be released.
C3 versions of the Markets of Leipzig, German Monasteries and the Tollkeepers, as well as meeple bags in Orange, Pink and Grey

General / Essen 2023; who's coming?
« on: August 29, 2023, 01:18:59 PM »
We're just over a month away from Spiel in Essen!
So time to see who we can expect to see, and perhaps plan a meet up!

Do note; the Carcassonne world championships will be held on the Saturday this year, and will not be at the Spiel Messe centre, but at the nearby town of Herne. There will be shuttle buses from Spiel to Herne a few times throughout the day.

Who will be coming?



You can go to the Messe first, and then take a shuttle bus to Herne. Decar, Meepledrone and myself will most likely not be at the Messe at all on the Saturday, but spend the day in Herne.
Willem (will be at the WC's)
@Decar (will be at the WC's)
@Meepledrone (will be at the WC's)
@totor66 ?


News and Events / Wonders of Humanity new mini expansion announced
« on: August 13, 2023, 01:14:11 AM »
HiG have now announced the new mini expansion for Carcassonne; Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World will see several new tiles in new shapes, taking up space of 5 regular tiles!
Depicting several wonders from around the world, such as Stonehenge and the Notre Dame
Rules are unknown for now.
Will be released in Essen, and visitors to the event next month in Carcassonne will have a sneak peek!

General / Carcassonne interview with bordspelwereld
« on: May 10, 2023, 09:17:57 AM »
I was recently asked to do an interview with the dutch website (boardgameworld)

It can be found here:

The interview is in Dutch, but usually Google/Chrome/DeepL translations can help :) Of course both CarcassonneCentral and the Wikicarpedia get a mention ;)

General / I got the collection out
« on: May 03, 2023, 08:56:28 AM »
After we got a glimpse of the Archives of HiG, as well as some questions i've been getting, i wanted to try and see if i could put my entire collection out in 1 place.
My normal office would not give me enough room, so i confiscated my partner's office for the weekend, and set everything up. As i usually have a bunch of stuff in storage, i got that down, unpacked them and included them all:


After setting it all up, taking a bunch of pictures and videos, i set to put it all back into the normal displays and storage. As i try to keep a system in what goes into storage, it took me quite some time on Sunday and Monday to pack it all away, but it's all packed up again  ;D

News and Events / New things being tested at HiG
« on: March 14, 2023, 10:43:19 AM »
HiG shared some pictures of a testing session they had, together with Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and several team members in their office.

We see tiles in several shapes, and perhaps a hint, with a piece of paper saying "Wonders of the World".
Also, a (mini) expansion for MoC coming?

More on the HiG Instagram and Facebook

General / Spiel des Jahres stickers?
« on: February 14, 2023, 03:34:16 AM »
It's actually been quite a while since i've had this, but never really looked in to it much.

In June 2022, I came across a box on eBay.
Seemingly a German 2nd edition from what i could see, however, it had a Spiel des Jahres logo on the bottom right of the box.

The picture was unclear, so i couldn't see everything, but i saw the SdJ logo, in a place where we haven't seen any before...

August 2022, I finally got my hands on it
As I had the box sent to my Dutch postal address (to save on shipping), it took a while before i could actually examine it.

When holding the box in hand, i saw it wasn't printed on the box, but it was a sticker, pasted onto a German 2nd edition.

I tried to look into it a bit, but couldn't find any reliable information about this. A sticker, from the 2001 SdJ, which is quite specific. I shared the pictures with some other collectors, seeing if they might recognise it, but no-one could give me a decisive answer.
As i didn't find too much about it, I put the box away, and it didn't cross my mind for a while.

Then last week, i came across another such box!
This time, with the sticker being a bit more clear, and on the bottom left of the box. I shared it with a good friend and collector, who was very happy to add this to his collection as well, and share some close up pictures with me.

As mine, this one also has a sticker of the SdJ logo that Carcassonne won in 2001.
I still haven't found out much about it, other than my best guesses, that these might be stickers given out at Essen (in 2001?), or perhaps added to the box by HiG after winning the SdJ? As i've only seen these 2 so far, i'm not sure which would be more plausible.

Anyone here who might have seen these before?

The Marketplace / Found! WTB: C1 Exp 5 Dutch Second Printing
« on: January 27, 2023, 02:44:22 PM »
Hey hey!
I'm getting very close to completing my collection of Carcassonne in Dutch. After sourcing a few more items, I'm basically looking for 1 more thing.
The C1 Expansion 5, 2nd printing (as shown below)

If you have this specific box, please let me know below!
(And I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I don't hear of more previously unknown Carcassonne stuff from 999 games hahaha)

Found it! Thanks all for your tips!

News and Events / UKGE article about Carcassonne (Museum)
« on: November 24, 2022, 08:44:48 AM »
At Essen, thanks to introductions by @Decar and @danisthirty , I met James from the UKGE.
They organise the largest hobby games convention in the UK, and this is also where the UK championships for Carcassonne are held.

I was contacted by them recently, as they remembered our chat and still had thei Carcassonne Museum membership card (I knew they came in handy!)

They have now done an article about the Carcassonne Museum on their website, you can find it here:


Spiel '22 tiles will be available from the HiG booth at the SpielWiesn convention this weekend (11th-13th November) in Munchen.
Only 30 tiles per day will be available.

They will be given out for free with any purchase of minimum €20 (same as Spiel)

News and Events / Willem's journey to Essen 2022
« on: October 13, 2022, 06:19:40 AM »
I've only just recovered from an amazing weekend!
I was very happy to share this experience with many people (about 147.000 to be a bit more precise), but especially Tom, Dan and Hector throughout the whole journey, as well as meetup up with several people from both Carcassonne Central and the Carcassonne Forum!


I left the house to meet Tom and Dan in Ashford. I figured it would be clever to avoid the motorways, so i took the backroads. This was time efficient, but driving through forests and very narrow roads was something i hadn't done in a while, so it was an adventure on it's own!

I arrived about 20 minutes early, so i had time to rest at a local Tesco before picking up the other 2.
The drive to Essen from there went very straightforward. As Tom mentioned, we had some traffic around Antwerp, but other than that, we did well and arrived at the hotel earlier than expected!

We were also blessed with a parking spot in the parking garage right underneath the convention, so we decided to park the car there and walk to the hotel.

It wasn't too long before Hector arrived, and brought the first load of goodies! A massive suitcase absolutely full of Carcassonne!
And amongst all of that were even customised Carcassonne Museum tile towers!

Some games were played, and of course Carcassonne had to be played, with the beautiful tile tower! Some might have questioned my chances to win, as i am more a collector rather than player, but the end score begged to differ (i played as Yellow):

After the fine McDonald's breakfast, we arrived at the Messe around 9:45am. The lines were not too busy, but as soon as we got in, Tom and I picked up our pace and got to the HiG booth in Hall 3 very quickly!
The booth had a nice display cabinet, which would look nice in something like a Carcassonne Museum.. (just saying...)

At 10:27 I had my first purchase done! I planned ahead, to try and stay close to the €20 limit for a Spiel tile, and to spread out my purchases.

Then on to the other booth! The line was a lot longer there, but we powered through and met some nice people in line. Thanks to Tom for reminding me in his write up, that we met some people who were talking about the reselling of expansions. The woman was saying she had a subscription to SpielBox i think, and just resold the Carc expansions to make back her money spent on the magazines.
The first membership cards were handed out, and pictures of the museum were shown! Those pictures would come in handy several times throughout the weekend!

Second purchase done, and i was ready for more! Me and Tom walked around to see some more things, and i was keen to pick up a pre-order that was waiting. The pre-order wasn't there yet, but both Tom and I picked up Radlands, which was a recommendation from UncleWill, who i played it with once, which was enough to convince me to get it!
We met up with Dan and Hector who were back in line at the Hall 2 booth for a 3rd round.
Dan was happy to swap places with me, and he and Tom went off to new adventures!

The newly formed Team C(arcassonne) stayed in line for round 3 though!

After that, back to the other booth!

With 4 purchases done, i hadn't really made a dent in my shopping list, but it was a start. I managed to get the Ukraine maps i wanted, a bunch of Ukraine tiles (which were limited to 3 per customer at the time, later changed to 10), and the first few copies of The Bets!

Things took a bit longer than expected, so we made our way to the Carcassonne Fan Meetup! It was fun to meet up with MrNumbers, Benny, Dieter and Konrad2605. I handed out Membership Cards, which were in high demand!

Team C were back on the road, to more purchases! I got my first copy of the English Mists over Carcassonne, the German Hunters&Gatherers and some more Ukraine tiles. As i had many people who i wanted to help get a Spiel tile and/or Ukraine tile, i knew there was more to come!

Hector and I met up with Dan, to play a game of Giant Carcassonne! We were asked if we wanted to play as a team, which we thought would be interesting. Our opponent was a nice young lady in a meeple tshirt, who said she had played it a few times. Boy was she up against something hahaha
The guys demo-ing the game asked if we were familiar with the game...

The 3 of us with matching Carcassonne t-shirts suggested we were indeed...

Our opponent left during end scoring, and Hector was too busy talking on his phone, so Tom joined in our team picture, having played 1 tile!

After the game, Team C was back at it, making (i think) 7 more runs between the HiG booths. We got recognised at both booths, which led to some nice conversations with the HiG team! Despite them stating that you need to ask for the Spiel tile specifically, Hector and I were past that point and they just added them to our purchase when we paid.

After a heavy day, making 11(!) visits to the HiG booths, it was time for an amazing burger, with lots of beer!
We stopped by the car, to pack our things away. It soon became a bit chaotic, as we tried to keep track of who had what, but i think we did well.

On friday we had to go to the main entrance, which we were not happy with, but it did take us through the Catan hall!

Ready to go!

Both Tom and Hector got their copies of Dorf Romantik, which was a game I also enjoyed playing with them the day before.
Anyway, back to the HiG booths!
I picked up some more copies of The Bets, some Ukraine tiles and more MeepleFlags! My shopping list still had a few smaller things on it, so i figured i'd make the best of me being there!

As Tom was having his VIP treatment lunch, i was messaging with Linksux, who told me he arrived, so the easiest place to meet was the Giant Carcassonne!
We chatted for a bit, and once Hector joined us, we figured we should play a game!

Dan&Linksux vs Hector&Willem

It was a tight battle, where we took quite a few risks, most of which worked out nicely. At the end of the game, i had the opportunity to sneak a farmer into a shared farm, which would give great points. However, it was our last meeple, so i decided against it, as there were only 2 tiles left and only 1 of them worked. Turns out, i should've played the farmer, as i drew the right tile, but luckily my hesitance was not punished, as we managed to win by 1 point!

After that, i sneaked in another HiG run, this time just for Ukraine tiles and a Spiel tile. They had a box of the tiles under the desk, and would count of the amount you asked for. So imagine my surprise when they quickly grabbed another box and gave me 6 tiles in a frame!

Hector, Linksux and I went to check out Spielematerial, which kept Hector busy for hours and hours! I sneaked in another DanMeeple, and then noticed the Social Media manager of HiG walking around. He was doing a special promo, where if you found him and use the secret phrase, you would get a Spiel tile. I quickly ran up and stopped him!

I also gave him a Carcassonne Museum Membership Card, and his reaction was "That's you?! Wow, so nice to meet you in person!"
We chatted very briefly, and went our ways again, only to chat more on the Instagrams!

The rest of the day, we took it easy, playing a few games, such as Trending Kittens, Weykick and HiRoBa. I managed to sneak in a few more HiG runs, crossing off everything on my shopping list, and filling up the car more and more!

Frittenworks was amazing for food, and soon Dan and I sneaked off to meet Melvin and Theus at the train station. We walked with them to the hotel of their friends, where we exchanged stuff we had for eachother!

Tom went in early, getting his copy of Turing Machine, which was a big success!
The rest of us were waiting at the other entrance, which did open, but a bit later

We split up again, and Dan, Hector and I played a game of Next Station: London!

Me and Hector later met up at the Devir booth with Oscar, the Spanish National Champion, and we talked with Devir's publishing manager, who was very interested in the Museum!
We exchanged contact info, and who knows what comes from that......

I was also tipped about a tile dispenser which looked like a cross between a tile tower and a cheese grater!
When we found it, i gave them a Museum Membership Card and they went crazy! They were very enthusiastic, and actually gave me one for free! Later we thought it could be that they thought i was actually from HiG/Carcassonne, but i like to keep thinking they recognised the Carcassonne Museum  ;D

At the Fan-Meetup, i started playing a new game, called Collect the Champions!
I met a quite a few of National Champions, took pictures with them and got them to sign tiles for me!

At the end of the day, we were pretty tired.

The game of Crazy-Cassonne was great fun, and of course the second leg of the Picture game. Tom took a picture of me taking this picture of Dan taking a picture of....

Sunday started with another McDonald's which seemed to have a strange effect on Tom....

We made our way to the Carcassonne World Championships, seeing all the National Champions duke it out!
It was great to see, although we all knew who would take home the winner's trophy...

I was honoured to meet Klaus-Jurgen Wrede for the first time. He was very nice and happy to talk to us as well as signing whatever we brought for him.

In between rounds, Tom and I walked the fair and played a few games!
Perfect Shot was a nice game that was recommended, so Tom and I played a game. It was fun, but very short and we felt it didn't flow as nice as we'd hoped.
We also played another small game of which we forgot the name fairly quickly. It was fun, but we were happy not to pick it up.

Back to the Championships, and KJW sat down to meet and sign things for all who wanted!
So of course i had a few more tiles with me for him to sign, and my limited German surprised him when i said it was an honour to have met him :)

Of course i also continued my game of Collect the Champions! It was a bit funny to explain to some of them who i am, and tell them about the Carcassonne Museum. They are very focused on playing the game, so were surprised to see my collection, and couldn't resist asking me about my BGG tag and ELO rating hahaha
The Mobius Mama told me the day before that she would be wearing her special kimono, and of course i asked her for a picture. When i did, she quickly ran to her bag to hand me over a very special present!

I also managed to talk to and share a picture with the 2022 Carcassonne World Champion from Romania, Gere!

When I asked for a picture with Moritz, he was happy to do so:

Once the picture was taken, he said: "So you are the man behind the Carcassonne Museum?!" It was funny to see that he knew of it, and we was very surprised to hear it is my personal collection. I told him about the great help i've had from many many people from different countries in having my collection grow. We exchanged contact details and of chatted a bit more with Tom and Dan!

I think for the Sunday evening and Monday morning, Tom has shared the great highlights. Once thing to add was that we were sitting at a Dutch McDonald's, when someone came up to me and scanned the large QR-code on my back :D

We had a good drive, and as Tom shared, we got to visit a good friend of mine. I had been talking with him online for a long time, sharing stories and collections, as well as helping eachother with collecting more and more. His collection is amazing, and his display even more so! We could've easily spent more and more time there, talking about some great things he has, as well as me nerding out about the specifics of some boxes.
It was very nice to meet you, and thank you again for your hospitality!

Once i got home, i unloaded the car with all my Essen haul... My partner was a bit surprised when she saw everything outside the front door.....

Once inside, it could be put up a bit better:

Essen was over, but i was not done yet! I spent most of the day sorting through all my takehomes, logging it all in my Excel, and of course making sure i did some washing

In summary, it was an amazing weekend. It was my first time in Essen, and I was blown away by how big and great it was! I was a bit overwhelmed with meeting so many new people, playing new games, trying to buy so many new Carcassonne things, and trying to keep up with Meepledrone's enthusiasm!
Tom and Dan shared their prior Essen-experience with me, which helped me massively in making it through the weekend! I couldn't be happier with how the weekend went! Many new connections were made with Carcassonne collectors and players from all over the world, as well as several publishers who were at the event. I made sure to try and visit as many as i could, and network my way through the days!
I played quite a few Carcassonne games over the weekend, and won all of them, which pretty much sums up my thoughts about the weekend! It was amazing!

Today, new items were added to the Cundco Autumn 2022 section!

A new Mini expansion, called The Bets has been announced:

According to Cundco: "With this mini-expansion you place bets on how many tiles a road or a city will consist of upon completion. Influence these areas in your favor and get the extra points."

And a special Ukraine Promo 2022 tile as well!

Proceeds from this tile will go to the charity of Ukraine. The tile does not come with additional rules, but it can be used as an Inn when using I&C, and/or as (shield) Crop Circle when using the Crop Circles.

HiG have today announced that there will be a special new Carcassonne Maps: Ukraine, that will be sold at Essen and Cundco afterwards.
All profits will be donated to a charity involved with helping the people affected by the war.


News and Events / Another little meet up!
« on: August 14, 2022, 06:07:10 AM »
Following the success of other meet ups, and as we all had stuff for each other, it was time for another meet up!

@unclewill , @MMike and myself met up in central London for a day of board gaming, chatting and of course exchanging stuff!

Before MMike arrived, Unclewill and i started with a nice game of Radlands.

This game is all about making an aggressive strategy towards the destruction of your opponent's bases. The cards look beautiful, and the Super Deluxe version seems like definitely the best version to get! I made a bold move near the end (the literal and figurative Nuclear option), and Will had just the right cards to punish me for it, helping him win the game!

Once MMike had arrived, we decided on a nice little starter; Art Robbery

A little game i picked up in the Netherlands last year. We played a gang of museum robbers who needed to divide their loot. You can take loot from the middle, or steal it away from others. A guard dog can help you to keep your stuff, but then again it's not a loyal dog...
I managed to play my strategy right, have enough alibis at the end of the game, and won!

We continued with a game of Carcassonne!
We found a spin off that i hadn't played in ages, and the others had not played at all; Carcassonne Mayflower (aka New World, A Carcassonne Game)

We liked the art on the tiles, which is very detailed, and the premise of trying to reach further and further west. The Surveyors managed to push us further west, although MMike managed to finish a big city all the way on the East coast (New York), which was left abandoned by Will earlier in the game.
We battled a bit over the fields, but all had in mind that they would be as powerful as the fields in normal Carcassonne. In this game they can be strong, but not as strong. Unclewill did well though, scoring over 30 points from them, moving him from last to second place! My lead was big enough, making me win my second game in a row!

The next game was a quick/relaxed game; Love Letter
I really like this game, and managed to convince the others to play. We discussed some other versions of the game, which have made me interested in trying to find out more about them!

This time, Will was relentless, and managed to win by a landslide! MMike did very well, but I had no momentum in this game so i had no change whatsoever :)

After some snacks and more chatting, we decided we needed to play a game of good 'ol Carcassonne!
Unclewill and MMike had not seen/played C3 yet, and i just happened to have brought a copy with me!
MMike being the creative artist he is, brought some hand made and 3d printed meeple sets. Including Oreo meeple, Cheese meeple and meeples with weapons inside them!
We decided to play with these sets during the game, as they looked too amazing not to!

It was a decently nice game, with not that many blocks or joins. Unclewill managed to get a 2nd meeple into a decent city, although MMike blocked that city, so it would not be completed.
I managed to sneak in a farmer into Unclewill's field, which he only managed about 4 turns later, but he did manage to block my second meeple from joining the field.
But it was not enough to win, as i had a lead just big enough to win this one

A great afternoon of games and catching up! Great to see you guys, and we'll try to do it soon again!

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