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DrMeeple: invented this tournament format and organized its first tournament for pairs in May 2018. We even edited a video that proves it on youtube:

Later in May 2018, other associations from outside Catalonia copied this tournament format and wanted to make it their own. But it’s clear that the intellectual property of this tournament format belongs to
We have no problem with other associations, shops, clubs, etc… organizing a tournament for pairs. All we ask is that you make a small reference to as the intellectual author of this tournament format.


1. The game will follow the basic rules of the Carcassonne game, both in terms of rules and points, with the only two exceptions of points 5 and 7.
2. Teams will be formed in pairs, who will play together all the games they have to play in the tournament.
3. The games must be exactly 4 players per table, 2 teams placed alternately around the table, with the players of each team facing each other.
4. Any communication between the pairs of the team itself, whether verbal or gestural, which may alter the normal development of the game is strictly prohibited.
5. Whoever is the starting player will have to play the starting tile and will be able to place Meeple on a regular basis.
6. Players will play and add points with their own Meeples, as in a normal game.
7. Each team will count as their final score the lowest score of the 2 players on the team. In the event of a tie between the two teams, the highest score of the two teams to be drawn will be counted. In the strange case that there is a multiple tie ... whoever says "Trinco, Trinco" before, will be the winner.

Please feel free to make a comment and share this variant very funny of the game. You should try it!


This sounds amazing!  Hope to have a 4-player game sometime soon to give it a try.  +1 merit for sharing.

Hey, Dr. Meeple!

I see you! ;D

+1 merit for sharing and congrats for winning! :(y) :(y)


--- Quote from: Meepledrone on January 09, 2022, 12:49:32 PM ---Hey, Dr. Meeple!

I see you! ;D

+1 merit for sharing and congrats for winning! :(y) :(y)

--- End quote ---
Hahahaha We won the first edition Carme and I but was on 2018 emoji code23]

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Nice. I like it. So it has to be really cooperative due to smallest score of player from team is consider as score of team.

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