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First the online venue: I know a lot of people play at various sites that "know the rules" of Carcassonne, but we prefer to use  This is an interesting free site that lets you host a great variety of games and you can totally customize the setup!  So, I made a "deck of cards" that is Carcassonne tiles, and then added a "board" that is just an 11x11 grid and some pawns to represent meeples.  The site knows nothing about the rules of the game and this is perfect for us, because we play house rules!  You also need your own chat or video: we use Zoom.

You can check out the setup we played today:

That link will expire if no one uses it for 30 days, in which case you can use the toolbox menu on the site to import this configuration file.  It includes all of the tiles from the base game, I&C, T&B, K&S, plus a couple others.  You can use the toolbox to set how many of each type of tile you want in the game.  It is really quite nice!  The interface has been improved so you could replace the pawns with images of meeples, and make other things fancier, but we just want the great gameplay.

Now the game: Had a great game with my family today: kids joined from Virginia and Houston.  My wife prefers a small game, so we used a mix of 60, with 5 regular meeples and 1 Large meeple per player.

House rules: proportional scoring for farms and the Cathedral city, plus one bridge and one gate/wall.

Here's the end of the game, before final scoring.  Yellow ended up winning by just 2 over Black and 4 over Red, with Blue a not too distant last place.


Great stuff!  :(y)
Perfect solution for all your variants to be playable online ;D

Have you checked VASSAL program with the Carcassonne module ? You may need to add some extra bits and pieces like walls, which could be more difficult than on, and also using the program at the beginning may be hard as it is not so intuitive, but it can offer loads of stuff as this module have a lot of fan expansions and most of official ones ready to use. I've started my Carcassonne journey with it few year ago :)

Thanks for sharing @kothmann! +1

This sound amazing for testing carcassonne ideas with play with other players.
Thanks for sharing this! +1 merit

It looks very cool indeed... And very flexible.

It is literally a shared digital table. You place the tiles, you do the scoring manually... Nice!

+1 merit from me.


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