Author Topic: Megacarc suggestions?  (Read 2917 times)

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Megacarc suggestions?
« on: May 13, 2017, 10:25:05 AM »
Hello meeples!

A couple friends and I will be playing a mega-carc game on Monday and I am looking for some suggestions of rule-modifications to make things run a littles smoother.  We are looking at using about 600 tiles, pretty much every official major and minor expansion.  Looking for your thoughts on the following:

1.  Plague  - to play, or not to play?  We are definitely going to use the landscape tiles, but haven't figured out how, or if, we are going to incorporate the rules.  We don't want to have to flip over flea tokens every turn in a 600 tile game.  Maybe just add the plague tiles when we are down to about 100 tiles?   Not use it at all?  Use it for a pre-specified number of turns?

2.  King/Robber Baron ---  too many points?  too difficult to count roads/cities in mega-carc?   any suggestions on these guys?

3.  Robber/Messenger  --- anyone played with these in mega-carc?  are they more of a nuisance than anything?  At the moment leaning towards yes to messengers, no to robbers...... maybe no to both.   any thoughts/ideas?

4.  Princess/Dragon --- looking to possibly incorporate 3 full sets of P&D tiles.  For a game so large, should we use multiple dragons?  How would that work?   Should the dragons move more than 6 spaces?  Should the layer of the dragon tile choose which dragon EVERYONE must move?   2 steps at a time per player?  Anyone have experience with P&D in mega-carc or a multi-dragon game?

5.  La porxada and spiel tile --- thinking of just using the spiel tile and la porxada as 5-point bonuses or something to that effect if they are included in the feature.  Any suggestions are welcome

6.  Will extra meeples be necessary??   There are several ways of retrieving meeples, so the standard count might be sufficient (dragon, festivals, abbey tiles, crop circles).

7. Catapult --  i think not.  Any suggestions for their tile uses?  As extra festival tiles???  Maybe draw an extra tile?   Maybe roll a die  1,festival  2,bazaar, 3,magic portal  4,volcano .....etc. ?

8.  Dutch/Japanese/German cloisters -  They will all be in, but should there be a limit for their use since they can be so powerful?  maybe 3 per person?  (we will be 3-players)

9. Halflings - any creative suggestions for using the 24 halfling tiles?

10. Barns - barns can be quite pesky as they can convert the game into a sneak my guy onto this barned field to get big points type game.  That will involve lots of city counting.   Any suggestions on how to make the barns more user-friendly in a mega-carc game?   Maybe we should eliminate them all-together?

I am sure there will be more issues that come up, so if anyone has any general suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them.   I am excited (and nervous) to use my Crop Circle I tiles for the first time.  We will also be using the fan expansions Fortune Tellers and City Gates for the first time.  :(y)

Here is a rough breakdown of what we will be playing with:

Base game + start tile  = 72
New edition base game = 72
River 1 = 10
River 2 = 10
Carc II River = 10
Misc river springs, lakes, forks, etc ~6
Inns Cathedrals = 18
Traders and Builders = 24
King and Robber Barron = 5  + 2 special
Cathars = 4
Princess and Dragon = 30  (possibly 3 sets = 30x3= 90)
GQ = 11
Abbey and Mayor = 12  + abbeys
Shrines = 5
cult siege creativity = 10
Catapult = 12
Wheel of Fortune = 19
Tunnel = 4
Bridges/Cast/Bizz = 12
Crop Circles = 6
Festival = 10
School = 2
Flier = 8
Messages = 8 special
Ferries = 8
goldmines = 8
mage/witch = 8
robbers = 8
crop circles2 = 6
wind roses = 6
besiegers = 6
hills/sheep = 18
german mon. = 6
dutch mon = 6
japan mon = 6
halflings I + II = (24 half tiles)
darmstadt = 3
castles in germany = (6 double tiles)
russian promos = 2
plague = 6
under big top = 20
fortune teller = 8
city gates = 24
watchtowers = 12
labyrinth = 2
porxada = 1

Thanks in advance for any comments, ideas, suggestions, criticisms   :green-meeple: :@ :))

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Who got a smudge on the tile?

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Re: Megacarc suggestions?
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 10:38:40 AM »
In my experience, the Plague only works with 2 small expansions (flyers + magic portals) or 1 regular expansion.  Otherwise the 6 tiles don't come up often enough and the expansion just slows things down.

The Messangers and Robbers clutter up the scoreboard, so I never use both together.  In Megacarc, your meeple will be going around the board several times, so adding the 2 messanger values together gets really confusing, so I would say no to that. 

Halflings - Flip them over and blind draw them.  Each player would get 8 if you have 3 players which seems like a lot, but may be fun. 

King and Robber Baron work fine.  Make sure you have a piece of paper and pen to write down the player and size for each. 

I can't answer the question about multiple P&D.  I only have 1 copy, so never thought about more. 

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Re: Megacarc suggestions?
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2017, 01:56:40 PM »
I don't think robbers cause problems. You may choose to use one regular meeple on the score board, not adding the additional from the messengers expansion.

I believe multiple P&D expansions means multiple dragons, and you are free to choose any dragon to fly to the current volcano and take the 6 moves, but stick to one dragon after it starts walking. I think there was a thread discussing how scale things up for megacarc games, and one of the ideas posted was to increase the moves a dragon can have. Another idea posted there was that dragon moves two tiles in one step and takes 6 steps, covering 12 tiles in total. Also, I don't if this was posted in that thread or not, but you may also allow the dragon to move diagonally.

Dutch/German/Japanese cloisters: I don't think you have to limit the number. If I can connect my farmer to a barn with 20 cities in two tiles, which means 80 points (with a pig), I will not leave that meeple stuck on the board to get 100 points at the end. OK this brings back the barn questions. We really have been playing the "sneak my guy onto this barned field to get big points type game" all the time.

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Re: Megacarc suggestions?
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2017, 08:48:29 PM »
I've started a 3600 and more tiles mega-carc in simulation for 6 player.

1. The plague: 6 regular tiles plus 2 winter tiles, playing with my homemade hospital expansion.

2. 25 points each, I've added also for the forest, the mountain, the river and the sea.

3. Playing with 2 scoreboard and two set of messengers

4. Playing with 7 dragons, the regular one with official rules, and 6 baby dragons who comes in play with a specific tile. 6 colors for the dragons and 6 assorted compass dices, rolling them with the flyer dice for the number of tile to move

6. Using meeples of 4 bases games with some extra, playing big, you ran up of followers really soon

8. Cloister count only 10 x10 for 20 points rather than hundred of points

10. Barn, one may be not enough, so I've put mills in the game, and for the rule, it's like a barn for the farmer and a farmer for the barn.

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