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News and Events / Carcassonne in Carcassonne - 2024
« on: May 07, 2024, 11:36:46 PM »
As previous years, a Carcassonne event is announced in the city of Carcassonne, France.
It has been announced on HIG social media:

Save the date - Carcassonne in Carcassonne on 07 & 08 September 2024
In four months' time, it's that time again: our Carcassonne games festival will be taking place in Carcassonne for the third time! Come with us to France and experience a great weekend in the medieval city of Carcassonne. Finally play Carcassonne in Carcassonne - and many other exciting programme highlights await you.
We won't tell you exactly what yet. But we've prepared something great for you again!

Did anyone here took part in previous editions?
Just like other foreign player in the comment of the original topic, I fear that taking a fly to the event may not be worth it due to the fact some parts of it are strictly reserved for French people (French National Tournament require to live in France and have the French nationality).

What usually happens there, side to the French National Tournament? Is it worth travelling to Carcassonne?
Playing the game in the city sounds like something amazing, are there games planned side to the tournament (or even a side tournament)? Ways to win the goodies (such as The Wonders of Humanity last year) for foreign players?

For those who already attended the event, please let us know your feedback!  :D

Official Rules / placing and collecting gold during the same turn
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:22:26 AM »

In this scenario, pink places this tile.
This means she has to place the 2 gold ingots, than she scores the city... And collect both gold ingots? Is that correct?

Best regards,

Official Rules / Halflings and the Mist
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:18:09 AM »

2 questions about the halflings:

-Picture 1: can the tile bottom left be placed? The only tile next to it is a half tile, and this position would place it next to the empty half space.
We considered that this is allowed, since the space next to it is considered occupied by a tile, but we weren't sure.

-Picture 2: pink places the half tile to complete her city. Does it limit the Mist?
We considered it didn't.

Best regards,

Official Rules / artist tile and farms
« on: April 11, 2024, 05:04:19 AM »
Hi all,

While attempting to steal a farm during a 3 players game, this situation happened and we couldn't find the proper answer: how many farms are on this tile (the one with the big meeple as a farmer on it)? One, or 2 (shown by the red arrows)?

-My opinion: it's only 1 field, since we can clearly see a tight green border on the tile. As a visual game, with the exception of the bets, this should indicate this tile has only 1 farm. As a result, a curved road connecting the road and the bridge would allow me to join the bottom farm.

-"Neutral" player opinion (not in any farms at the moment, but placed the bridge tile to try to prevent me to score too much point by joining the bottom farm): was firstly convicted the artist area separate farms on the tile, but after further examination, admited the green border should mean there is only one farm on this tile.

-"Stolen" player (has 1 meeple in the bottom farm I'm trying to reach with this big meeple): convinced the artist area creates 2 farms on this tile. Mildly admitted it could be a single farm due to the green border of the tile, but really unsure about that.

We ended up admitting this tile has only 1 farm, so reaching the bottom farm would be easy for me. Indeed, we couldn't find a clear answer on WICA and decided the visual aspect should prevail.

Next tile placed by the "stolen" player was a tower, used to capture my big meeple, and solving the situation for everyone. At least, our question about it didn't really impacted the game!  :)

Can anyone clarify if, in this case, the artist area separates the farms or not? I promised my friends an answer next time we meet to play and have a game together!

General / Promo tiles status
« on: March 31, 2024, 01:57:46 AM »
Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding promo tiles: not the Spiel ones, but all the other ones (the 4 Russian Tiles, la Porxada, and similar tiles issued during national Carcassonne meetings for example).

What is the status of these tiles? I understand some of those are semi-official, as stated on Wica (the Russian ones and La Porxada), but what about the others?

I've seen a few other tiles in the expansion part of the forum: Spanish ones, Hungarian ones... What is the status of these tiles? Are they also considered semi-official, or fan expansion?

If semi-official : where can I find a list of these? Will they be added to Wica in the expansion list as the Russian tiles and la Porxada?

If fan expansions : is there a reason the Russian tiles and la Porxada seem to have a particular status?

Thanks for helping me understand that point  ;D

Strategy Guide / [edited] Loop scoring the Abbot
« on: February 29, 2024, 02:04:42 AM »
Hi all,

EDIT : to my big disappointment and as @Vital Pluymers  noticed, the strategy I wrote down contained one very big mistake : it assumed that you can score the big points of Special Monateries when taking back you Abbot if he was placed as an abbot / claustral prior (on its side). The sentence about it on WiCa went unnoticed by me, as you can score the Abbot but not the feature, leading to the confusion.
The strategy is still possible to use, but way less powerfull, wich is actually a good point as it was ruining the game. The original post is edited to avoid players reading wrong informations.

I've recently been thinking about a strategy for large games with several expansions.
I had the opportunity to test it last weekend and it turned out to be efficient !

Here is the strategy :

1) Before the game: expansions needed to use the strategy
In order to complete this strategy, you'll need several particular expansions in game:

-The Gifts
-The Abbot

-[Facultative] Any expansion including Monasteries-like features
(Monasteries in Germany, Monasteries in the Netherlands & Belgium, Japanese Buildings, Abbey, Shrines, …). The more you have in game, the more opportunities you have to increase the efficiency of the strategy, so don't hesitate to use several of them!
-Several random expansions, the strategy takes times and a bunch of turns before strating scoring points, so more tiles in the game = more time to plan the strategy!

2) In game: create the proper situation
In order to complete the strategy, you need to prepare a few things so the situation is under your control when the opportunity to score comes:

-Keep your abbot available. Make sure no expansion are making it impossible to remove. While building the strategy, you can use it as you wish: keep it in your supply, place it and remove it to score... When the times come, you'll need it in your supply.

-Make sure there is at least 1 well placed and free Monastery-like feature. Place it by yourself, remove a meeple from an opponent, place your Abbot on it in order to remove it later... What you want is an uncompleted Monastery that can bring a decent amount of points (7-8 points preferably) and where no meeple are placed. If possible, manage to place several of them to avoid your opponents to close it and block the strategy.

-Create a Gift shortage. What you want here is to empty the Gifts supply, none of them should be left available. You especially wants the Synods cards, at least one, but it's highly preferable to get the 5 Synods cards. Extend your opponents features: whatever the points you are giving them, you'll get way more points back later. Also, keep in mind a Gift card gives you 2 points at the end of the game, so even if you extend a city, you're not really giving points to your opponent.
Be smart, don't make it too obvious you want all the Gifts, it's a big game, you have time to get them all... Pretend you're collecting them for other reasons: closing the largest city/road, closing a city with Goods Tokens, extending your opponents features while extending an other one from you, extend things to the edge of the table so they can't be completed...
If your opponents also collect Gifts, that's actually a good point for you: your main target is to create a shortage, and if possible, get the 5 Synods cards. You can even wait for them to use their Synods cards to get them later.

2') (facultative) In game: trick your opponents into starting several features
The strategy is now ready to start. If you want to score really fast and with more efficiency, you can trick your opponents into building several features they can't close in just a few turns. Large cities with several openings, 2 openings roads... If they are building several things, that's the best you can expect!
Just place a few tiles to extend unclaimed cities / roads, they should see a good opportunity to score and place some meeple over there.

If some of your opponents have Synods cards, make sure you have no current feature they can extend (especially in a 2 players game!)

3) In game: start the loop
You now have your Abbot in your supply, there is an uncompleted and unclaimed Monastery-like feature (preferably several of them actually) in the game area, the Gifts supply is empty, and you have the Synods cards (preferably all of them). It's time to reveal what you were planning all along. Here is the typical turn you'll now play every single time it's possible:

a) Draw a tile, and make sure it can be used to extend one of your opponents area. If it can't, stop reading here and play normally until next turn, hoping you'll get a more suitable tile.
b) Open a Synod Gift, and place your Abbot on the unclaimed Monastery-like feature.  Discard the Gift card, it's now the only one in the Gifts supply.
c) Place your tile, and extend one of your opponents feature. As a result, receive a Gift. The Synod card you just used is now the only one in the supply: you get it back!
d) Don't place a meeple. Instead, get your Abbot back, and score the (probably) 8 points.
e) Get ready to repeat that pattern next turn

Note: all opponent having Synods cards can replicate the strategy, so don't give them additional opportunities to do so: stop building if you don't have all 5 cards!

4) Enjoy the results of that strategy
It won't take long until your opponents understand what's going on. Every single feature they own is now a new opportunity for you to score an easy 8 points on each turn, while you'd need to work sveeral turns to get these points an other way. They have no solution but close their cities and roads, and stop building anything if they want to avoid you from scoring every single time you play. The few turns they need to close everything give you the opportunity to score the Monastery several times, taking a nice amount of points for it.

They'll now probably stick to small constructions they can close immediately in order to score points, or may even open constructions without placing a meeple on them to avoid you from using that trick again.
It doesn't mean the strategy doesn't brings results anymore, actually, its impact is even better for you now: take this opportunity where your opponents hesitate to start new features to score / place meeples in the constructions where they are afraid to place a meeple, build larger stuffs without any fear of what they'll do...

Also, if there are some unclaimed Special Monasteries left, or if you can remove opponents meeple from some of them: wisely use you Synods cards at the end of the game to place some meeple on those and score them at the end!

The Marketplace / [WTB] or [WTT] Russian Tiles
« on: February 14, 2024, 11:56:26 PM »
Hi all,

I'm looking for the 4 Russian tiles:

-Baba Yaga's Hut and The Choice of Bogatyr (Каркассон: Богатырь на распутье & Избушка)
-Solovei Razboynik and Vodyanoy (Каркассон: Солове́й-Разбо́йник & Водяной)

I can buy those (but the BGG price is totally out of reach for me), I can also trade it against some Spiel tiles, I have these available:


I also have a few copies of Lucca Map

Best regards,

General / The Adults of Carcassonne
« on: January 31, 2024, 04:19:57 AM »
Hey everyone,

For those who don't know the game (The Adults of Carcassonne), it's an older drinking game based on Carcassonne with giant tiles, rules and details here:

I have a question about this game, as we played it earlier this week with a friend, had just a question about the rules (when shall we fullfill / empty the shot glasses), and couldn't find them on Wica. Fortunately, the kickstarter page still exists and we found the necessary info to have a good game together.

My question is: since I understand HIG licensed the game to Carcassonne Shoppe, who issued the game, I guess it has an "official" / semi official status (at least as much as extensions offered by SpielBox, Game Quarterly, Spiel Doch! or even Rio Grande Games and Piatnik or Hobby World), so shouldn't it be added to Wica?

I guess it could be considered as a Spin-Off, isn't it?

Best regards,

News and Events / Belgian tournament
« on: January 29, 2024, 04:09:56 AM »
Hi all,

I was deperately lloking for a Carcassonne event in Belgium, contacted Asmodee Belgium who told me there where currently no competition in Belgium, when this event from a belgian association in collaboration with 999 Games appeared in my news feed:

So there is a tournament in Belgium on 16 March 2024, what a great news!
If there are other belgian members on the forum, maybe we'll meet there :)

BTW: I contacted 999 Games as the event is located in the Dutch speaking pas of Belgium, they confirmed it's not a problem for people speaking French, and someone on a Facebook group told me he went last year and most people are ok to speak english :)

See you there!

Official Rules / 3D starting landscape
« on: January 28, 2024, 11:27:38 PM »

Following this discussion about the Wonders of Humanity:

And especially this fact:

For current clarification by HiG. If large tile doesn't contain lines which divide large tile to separated square parts, then for scoring each square is still counted separately, but for other game mechanics it's only one tile (when Dragon is placed on large tile, it eats everything on tile, etc). But not for dragon move, there are 4 possible moves.

I have a few questions about the 3D starting landscape (with alternative inlay, let's make it complete :)  ) that popped when playing this week-end.

1) The landscape doesn't contain lines: if the dragon goes on it, does it eat all the meeple on the landscape?
Or shall we consider every 90° carton bending as a line? So it would only eat meeple on the floor he goes?

2) Thanks to a portal or flying machine, I'm allowed to place a meeple on a feature located on the landscape, and I want to place it on a vertical side of the landscape. Am I allowed to do so?
If so, how shall I place the meeple to make it obvious it's placed on a vertical side?

3) The dragon moves toward the landscape, and my next move is to place it on the landscape. How shall I place it when it reaches vertical sides? Dragon laying on the side to show it's currently on the vertical side of the landscape?

4) I use the catapult with a seduction token (or a precision token, a close question could appear), with a target close to the lanscape. There is also a meeple on the landscape, and the token ends up between the target meeple and the meeple on the landscape. How should I consider the distance between the token and the meeple on the landscape? In a straight line as the crow flies? Or measuring every flat (vertical and horizontal) lines to reach the meeple?

Maybe some of these clarifications could later be added on Wica :)

Best regards,

The Marketplace / [WTB] or [WTT] The Crop Circles I / Die Kornkreise I
« on: January 24, 2024, 01:45:50 AM »
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to complete my extension collection in order to build a Mega Carcassonne, and I can't find the Crop Circles I anywhere.

Would anyone here own a copy he would accept to sell me?

I can also trade it against some Spiel tiles, I have these available:


Best regards,


The Marketplace / [WTT] Spiel promo tile 14, 17, 20, 21, 23
« on: December 29, 2023, 09:17:24 AM »

I have the following Spiel tiles for trade for other uncommon tiles:

I'm looking for the following items:
-Spiel promo tile 2015
-Russian promo tiles
-The crop circles 1 (Die Kornkreise 1)
-Darmstadt promo tile

Best regards,

General / Burn the flag!
« on: December 11, 2023, 03:59:04 AM »
Hey everyone,

I received some scoring flags from cundco a few weeks ago, and I'm meeting some issues with them... I wonder if anyone has the same trouble as me?

Color seems to have fade away from the parts, and they have a stroooong smell of burned material.
Also, they are obviously laser cutted, and there are dark marks near the cutting areas.
All flags have this issue, I ordered several colors to match all basic meeple colors (blue, yellow, red, green, black, pink) and all of them have this issue.

The smell is so strong we don't want to play with them and prefer to keep them stored where we can't detect them  ;D

I think I'll contact cundco to return these "super collector" items haha :)

Best regards,


The Marketplace / [WTB] The Adult of Carcassonne parts
« on: December 04, 2023, 11:44:50 PM »
Hi everyone,

I discovered the giant Carcassonne game / drinking game on the forum a couple of weeks ago, and managed to order a copy (the last one apparently!) from the USA.
Unfortunately, some parts were not available, and I'm now looking for them if anyone wants to let them go:

-Cloth drawbag
-Shot glasses
-Phantom shot glasses
-Rubberized scoreboard

All items I'm looking for can be seen on the old kickstrater for the game:

I can consider buying more than what I'm looking for (i.e. the complete game or anything).

Best regards,


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