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News and Events / Carcassonne in Carcassonne - 2024
« on: May 07, 2024, 11:36:46 PM »
As previous years, a Carcassonne event is announced in the city of Carcassonne, France.
It has been announced on HIG social media:

Save the date - Carcassonne in Carcassonne on 07 & 08 September 2024
In four months' time, it's that time again: our Carcassonne games festival will be taking place in Carcassonne for the third time! Come with us to France and experience a great weekend in the medieval city of Carcassonne. Finally play Carcassonne in Carcassonne - and many other exciting programme highlights await you.
We won't tell you exactly what yet. But we've prepared something great for you again!

Did anyone here took part in previous editions?
Just like other foreign player in the comment of the original topic, I fear that taking a fly to the event may not be worth it due to the fact some parts of it are strictly reserved for French people (French National Tournament require to live in France and have the French nationality).

What usually happens there, side to the French National Tournament? Is it worth travelling to Carcassonne?
Playing the game in the city sounds like something amazing, are there games planned side to the tournament (or even a side tournament)? Ways to win the goodies (such as The Wonders of Humanity last year) for foreign players?

For those who already attended the event, please let us know your feedback!  :D

Reviews & Session Reports / Re: I Love the Landscape!
« on: May 06, 2024, 11:05:51 PM »
Game ended with 2147 to 2006 points.
Wow!  Very close for such a big game!

We noticed most big games here have very close results actually, as blocking an opponent meeple becomes irrelevant in such a game (all tiles configurations exists in the game and we both have way enough meeple to use even if we have to wait for a particular tile to be drawn) ans as we both have many opportunities to score and even share majority. I would even say a 141 points gap is an unusually large difference between us :D
Also, we are both players of the same level I'd say, so none of us can really take a big advantage.

And yes, the arrow gap is a nice one, I only noticed it when I took the picture!

Hi there,

Any answer to this?
I've sent my idea via PM, and I have to say one of the point I wasn't sure about popped up during a game... I'd be interested in knowing the answer :)

Reviews & Session Reports / Re: I Love the Landscape!
« on: April 29, 2024, 02:59:41 AM »
Here is our largest game so far... List of extensions here under.
The game took a whole day, and I don't think we'll play such a game any time soon, unless I find a partner who loves those big games as much as I do...
It was way too long for my gf, and she lost it when I used the a strategy similar to the Abbot loop scoring strategy ( ) in order to place meeple as abbots on every special monastery during the last turns of the game.

As my score was a few hundreds below hers, the synod gift allowed me to place a meeple as an abbot on special monastery, continue one of her feature, collect the last gift card (the one I just used) and start again with every meeple in order to score big points at the end of the game...

Also, I had the longest road and largest city, allowing me to score 99 points for cities and 134 for roads!

I hope we didn't make too much mistakes about the rules interactions  ;D

Game ended with 2147 to 2006 points.

Content of the game:
Base Game
The Abbot
Exp. 1 - Inns & Cathedrals
Exp. 2 - Traders & Builders
Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon
Exp. 4 - The Tower
Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor
Exp. 6 - Count, King & Robber
Exp. 7 - The Catapult
Exp. 8 - Bridges, Castles & Bazaars
Exp. 9 - Hills & Sheep
Exp. 10 - Under the Big Top
Exp. 11 - Ghosts, Castles & Cemeteries
The Wheel of Fortune (as a standalone)
Mini #1 - The Flying Machines
Mini #2 - The Messengers
Mini #3 - The Ferries
Mini #4 - The Goldmines
Mini #5 - Mage & Witch
Mini #6 - The Robbers
Mini #7 - The Crop Circles II
The Crop Circles I
20th Anniversary Expansion
20th Anniversary River
Bets, The
Festival 10 years, The
Games Quarterly #11
Gifts, The
Halflings I
Halflings II
Japanese Buildings
Monasteries in the Netherlands & Belgium
Phantom, The
Russian Promos 2013: Baba Yaga and Bogatyr's Choice
Russian Promos 2016: Soloveï Odikhmantievitch and Vodianoï
School, The
Spell Circles, The
Spiel Doch! Promo 2/2018
Spiel Promo 2014
Spiel Promo 2015
Spiel Promo 2016
Spiel Promo 2017
Spiel Promo 2018
Spiel Promo 2019
Spiel Promo 2020
Spiel Promo 2021
Spiel Promo 2022
Spiel Promo 2023
Tollkeepers, The
Ukraine Promo
Wonders of Humanity set I, The
3D Starting Landscape with Alternative Inlay

Official Rules / Re: The Catapult
« on: April 23, 2024, 12:51:56 AM »
In the case of the seduction token: the nearest meeple is removed, and replaced by an other one.
If that particular meeple has ghosts attached to him, are they removed as well?

This would be a way to get rid of ghosts, if a player uses the token to exchange his own meeple with an other one from his stock.

Official Rules / Re: Halflings and the Mist
« on: April 23, 2024, 12:45:32 AM »
Sounds relevant this way.

The confusion comes from this (see picture): in this case, we'd consider the space as occupied by a tile.
Shall we consider it's a specific exception?

Official Rules / Re: The Catapult
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:27:12 AM »

We met this situation during a catapult turn, the knock out token hit a ghost attached to the blue meeple.
It didn't hit the meeple, nor caused a chain reaction : only the ghost gets hit and fall without touching the meeple.

Shall the ghost be removed, or be placed back where it was as it may be considered a neutral figure?

Best regards,

Official Rules / placing and collecting gold during the same turn
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:22:26 AM »

In this scenario, pink places this tile.
This means she has to place the 2 gold ingots, than she scores the city... And collect both gold ingots? Is that correct?

Best regards,

Official Rules / Halflings and the Mist
« on: April 22, 2024, 01:18:09 AM »

2 questions about the halflings:

-Picture 1: can the tile bottom left be placed? The only tile next to it is a half tile, and this position would place it next to the empty half space.
We considered that this is allowed, since the space next to it is considered occupied by a tile, but we weren't sure.

-Picture 2: pink places the half tile to complete her city. Does it limit the Mist?
We considered it didn't.

Best regards,

Official Rules / artist tile and farms
« on: April 11, 2024, 05:04:19 AM »
Hi all,

While attempting to steal a farm during a 3 players game, this situation happened and we couldn't find the proper answer: how many farms are on this tile (the one with the big meeple as a farmer on it)? One, or 2 (shown by the red arrows)?

-My opinion: it's only 1 field, since we can clearly see a tight green border on the tile. As a visual game, with the exception of the bets, this should indicate this tile has only 1 farm. As a result, a curved road connecting the road and the bridge would allow me to join the bottom farm.

-"Neutral" player opinion (not in any farms at the moment, but placed the bridge tile to try to prevent me to score too much point by joining the bottom farm): was firstly convicted the artist area separate farms on the tile, but after further examination, admited the green border should mean there is only one farm on this tile.

-"Stolen" player (has 1 meeple in the bottom farm I'm trying to reach with this big meeple): convinced the artist area creates 2 farms on this tile. Mildly admitted it could be a single farm due to the green border of the tile, but really unsure about that.

We ended up admitting this tile has only 1 farm, so reaching the bottom farm would be easy for me. Indeed, we couldn't find a clear answer on WICA and decided the visual aspect should prevail.

Next tile placed by the "stolen" player was a tower, used to capture my big meeple, and solving the situation for everyone. At least, our question about it didn't really impacted the game!  :)

Can anyone clarify if, in this case, the artist area separates the farms or not? I promised my friends an answer next time we meet to play and have a game together!

General / Promo tiles status
« on: March 31, 2024, 01:57:46 AM »
Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding promo tiles: not the Spiel ones, but all the other ones (the 4 Russian Tiles, la Porxada, and similar tiles issued during national Carcassonne meetings for example).

What is the status of these tiles? I understand some of those are semi-official, as stated on Wica (the Russian ones and La Porxada), but what about the others?

I've seen a few other tiles in the expansion part of the forum: Spanish ones, Hungarian ones... What is the status of these tiles? Are they also considered semi-official, or fan expansion?

If semi-official : where can I find a list of these? Will they be added to Wica in the expansion list as the Russian tiles and la Porxada?

If fan expansions : is there a reason the Russian tiles and la Porxada seem to have a particular status?

Thanks for helping me understand that point  ;D

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 31, 2024, 01:48:53 AM »
Indeed I realise it's not the "original" yellow drawbag, thanks for the info!
Fortunately, the bag is just a bonus for me, since I was looking for the tiles only  :)

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 29, 2024, 10:02:35 AM »
Look at what just came in!  ;D
I finally found the Russian tiles, and big bonus, with the original drawbag!

The seller was kind enough to include a few stickers, including a La Porxada sticker (a copy, not the original one for sure).

That means I now have all Carcassonne official expansions (just the few print and play to prepare) , let's celebrate!

Official Rules / Re: 3D starting landscape
« on: March 26, 2024, 03:15:28 AM »
So, does anyone has answers to those? :)

News and Events / Re: Belgian tournament
« on: March 18, 2024, 03:37:30 AM »
So, the tournament was this weekend, I guess it deserves a feedback!  :D

We came in at 9:00 with my girlfriend, registration were planned to start at 9:30 and first row of 4-players game at 10:00.
We soon met 3 members of the French speaking Facebook group, wich was very nice as we were the only 5 French speakers of the tournament, while there are more than 90 players!

It started a bit late (10:30 - 10:45). At that point, we were both feeling relaxed in comparison to other players who seemed to be there for a win... As we play for a few months only, we had no hope of winning and were there for the fun!

A lot of explanations before the first game, in Dutch only so we couldn't get a word of it, and as far as I can understand, here is the way the selection took place:

-Each player receives points depending on his results of each game (winner gets 5 points, 4 if ex-aequo, 2nd gets 3 points, 3rd gets 2 points and 4th gets 1 point). For later games, players are selected to play with people who have the same amount of points.

-After 3 games, the 16 contestants with the best score are selected to play the 1/8 finals. Unselected players play 2 more 4-players game to confirm their position in the general classification.

-Tables are placed in a way you can get an idea of your place in the competition: the closer to the table 1 (with the camera for steraming the game), the better.

Players are dispatched at each table, and it's time to finally start the first game of the day!

-Game 1: wow, what a change! I'm used to play in a comfy place (my house, or friend's house), with people I know very well, mostly 1 vs 1... The atmosphere here changes it all! Big place, many people around, I don't know any person at my table, and everyone speaks Dutch... Now, I understand the shaking hands Fabian (an other French speaking player) told me about earlier!
Fortunately, players at my table are kind enough to speak English and the game begins.
I'm the player 1, so I'm closer to the scoreboard, this means I move scoring meeple for everyone. Not a good thing tbh, as I have to focus on everyone's current scoring in addition on focusing on my own strategy. My main target is not to end up 4th of my table, as this wouldn't be encouraging for my very first competition.
I manage to wisely place meeples in other players features, and end up to be 2nd of my table (huge gap between 1st player and me, and also a huge gap betwenn me and the 2 other players). I'm really happy of this first game, we gather around with the other French speakers, and I learn my gf ended up 3rd of her table... Not too bad for a first time!

-Game 2: I'm called suuuuper early! Wow, I wasn't expecting that: obviously, scores on the scoreboard also helps to sort people at tables. I had a decent result, this means I'm one of the first "second at his table" player to be called, close to the top tables... I'm nervous, but I'm not player 1 this time and I can focus on my strategy more easily. It becomes clear at the middle of the game that I'll be 2nd once again, and I'm once again really happy about it. Same pattern as previous game: large gap between 1st player and me, and large gap between me and 2nd and 3rd players.
Other French speakers had good results too, my gf managed to win her table! We all have pretty good positions in the general classification, and we have chances to be selected for the 1 vs 1!

-Game 3: Once again, I'm placed among the top tables, and so is my gf, playing the table just next to me. What a first competition!
I manage to share the largest farm, and we spot an illegal meeple placement at the end of the game (placed on a 3 points farm wich was actally already linked to the big farm). No one noticed it, and to stay fair, we decide to grant the player 2 points (closest road, where she could have placed it).
I'm 2nd once again... 2 points behind the player with the illegal placement! We could have shared the win if we paid more attention during the game to this meeple... But this doesn't really change the competition, so I'm ok with it.
My gf is 3rd of her table, and the 3 other French speakers have very good results!

Selection is announced for the 1/8 finals, the 3 other French speakers are selected, but we are not... Close, but not enough!
I also notice 2 of the players I played with earlier are selected, this probably means I wasn't that bad at the 4-players game?  ;D

This means we still have two 4-players game to play.

-Game 4: the other players include one of the former champion of the belgian tournament... And the situation I was hoping not to meet hapens: 2 players team up against me (placing tiles in the clear advantage of their one opponent - bringing them less points but leaving me way behind), and I end up as 4th of my table... Really disappointed about that game, but that's what 4 players game are, I guess...

-Game 5: roads, roads roads! That's all I pick! 4 turning roads in a row (after straight rouads... And crossroads... City tiles where are you?), what am I supposed to do with it? We even laugh with other players when I show my tiles each turn...
I manage to place my meeples in a few features, but everything I try is left uncompleted. I litteraly end the game with 0 on the scoreboard!
Final evaluation brings in a decent amount of point, but that's clearly not enough... Sadly, 4th at the table once again.

So, while I was not too bad at the beginning (around 34th on the general classification I think), I'm now down to the end of the classification... And so is my gf.
Still very happy for the 3 other French speakers in the top 16, and especially for Fabian, who is 5th!

We stay until the prizes are given, and as all contestant, we receive the Nordic Map (999 Games, so in Dutch) and some map tokens.

We come back home exhausted, it was a very long fay (very long waits between games!), but happy we took part in the competition!

Now, a few pros and cons we noticed about the competition:

-It's super cheap! Registration is 10€ and includes 4 food/drink token, these tokens are cheap as well, and everyone gets a prize... Honnestly, this is really great!

-A competition in Belgium? Great, this is the only opportunity for us to play Carcassonne IRL in a tournament!

-Things are made to ease the process for the players. Score papers are prepared, with names and all, it's easy to report everyone's results.

-Many prizes! About half players will receive at least 1 new board game.

-We met other players, and once again... The 3 other French speakers, especially.
This was really nice, and I'm sure we'll see each other again, probably even for Carcassonne games at each other places!

-4-players game... Seriously? As we discussed with other players: next year, just throw dices to decide who's in the 16 for the finals and who is not. Several Belgian Champions left behind due to this, games are more based on luck, and it just can't reflect the skills of each players. Surely it select some good players, but does it select the best? I don't think so.
This also means most players can't show anything in 1 vs 1 since they only play 4-players game, and that I actually played against a total of 15 players (over 90 in total!)... Not really representative on one's final position in the general classification.
Surely, starting with 1 vs 1 would require more people to collect the data and dispatch tables, but this would be a HUGE plus for the players, with more relevant results.

-toooo long! Time between games was really long, this break the entertainement in my opinion... I know my gf won't participate again, mainly due to this. A lot of data is entered manually by 1 person, it would be great to find a more efficient way (maybe an algorithm or something?). Also, making this point efficient would allow the previous point to be taken in serious consideration :)

-not enough food, all sandwiches were sold rather quickly, that was a bit too short regarding the number of people attending the event

-Belgian Tournament... 100% Dutch! All explanations throughout the day are done in Dutch, games as prizes are in Dutch (not a big deal if you only need to find the rules, but for games with cards and stuff it's impossible to play if you don't speak the language), promo for the event is only done in Dutch, and as a result, barely all players are Dutch speakers (and speak together in Dutch at the tables when there is no need to involve French speakers in the talk).
Actually, I can't blame the organisators for this. I also organise some events in Wallonia and it's in French only, you can't translate everything and repeat it just for 5 people on the event.
Receiving vocal info given on D-Day in english (by mail or other) would have been great for us to understand, but the main thing is... Why to set up a National Tournament if there is 0 promotion in half the country (the French speaking part)? It's probably eliminating half the players of the country just because of this...
It would make way much more sense to call it the Flemmish Tournament, and to have a second one in Wallonia, the Wallonian Tournament... And then a final between the top players of both event on an other day?
There, you'd have a real Belgian Tournament... Asmodee Belgium, we are waiting for you to make a move for us French speakers!  ;D

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