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Oooooh! This looks interesting!

Looking forward to hearing more from you about all this.  O0

Official Rules / Re: Tile with Inn
« on: April 03, 2024, 03:42:58 PM »
You may see in the rules that inns are explained in road scorings and cathedrals in road scorings. It is never mentioned that an inn affects a city.

Inns only affect the road they are on. Note that an inn may affect 1 or 2 road segments but no other features on the tile.

Cathedrals only affect the city they are in. There should be no ambiguity in this case, since cathedral tiles only have a city segment.

Official Rules / Re: Fly to tile with the abbot
« on: April 03, 2024, 02:58:15 PM »
This missing piece of information was missing from the Turn Sequence in BB6 and BB7, as we could check with @kettlefish , one of the poofreaders for BB6. The team working on BB7 wasn't the same as for BB6 and missed this information again. We hope it will be corrected some day, if we are lucky. ???

General / Re: Promo tiles status
« on: March 31, 2024, 03:41:37 AM »
Regarding La Porxada, source of many discussions, it became notorious as it was presented in an event and given to the players participating in the Carcassonne games. The rules are not very clear and they contain some ambiguities and contradictions. We had to consult the creator, Oriol Comas i Coma, to solve these issues for WICA.

Note that Oriol was the organizer of the event, he never worked at Devir. It would have been grat if Devir could have produced the mini officially. But this was never the case.

General / Re: Promo tiles status
« on: March 31, 2024, 03:29:57 AM »
The Russian tiles were official tiles by Hobby World, the Russian publisher. They were released for national events, and some of them even sold on their online store. Their quality is a bit blow par... They can be scratched very easily, and the initial print run had the front was printed on the wrong side of the tile. They are a rare find and super expensive compared with other tiles. Finding a set without white scrathes is even rarer.

La Poxada tile was actually a sticker on a C1 tile. No official release therefore, and it was a fan tile for an event. There is some kind of mystic aura around this tile because KJW signed some of them while visiting the event, but they are as unofficial as they can be.

Regarding the, the Spanish Promos, the Hugarian Promos, the Cacassonne Central promos, etc., they are all unofficial tiles. Some of these tiles were printed on blank tiles but they are just fan-made expansions. I have some fan-made promo tiles signed by KJW and they are not semi-official or anything because of that.

Hope this hleps.

Happy Easter! Here you are a tiny quiz. Hope you enjoy it.

Question: Red places the last tile of the game. The player has the following questions:
a) How many points does each player score in the last turn of the game?
b) How many points does each player score after the game ends?

* This question only uses normal meeples. No large meeples were used.
* We are considering the current rules for non-square tiles (C2/C3). If you use the C1 rules, please indicate so.

General / Re: I love the postman...
« on: March 29, 2024, 05:10:00 PM »
Woooohoooo! Great find!!!

Enjoy the lot. :(y) :(y)

Anything Else / Re: Happy Birthday
« on: March 29, 2024, 06:20:16 AM »
Happy Easter and Happy Belated Birthday to most of you:

@Benny , @haep , @Den Ozzy , @MMike , @Black Bear , @corinthiens13 !!!

Have fun! 

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Official Rules / Re: 3D starting landscape
« on: March 27, 2024, 05:06:35 PM »
Decar and I discussed the 3D Starting Landscape with its designer at Essen. We tried to cover some of these issues, but she told us that many open issues would require house rules. She tried to do her best during the design process, but couldn't address the many issues when reading through the rules without a previous background in Carcassonne.

She couldn't provide an official answer about expansion interactions, but we could close the issue regarding the back side toucking the castle panorama: the edges touching the panorama are not contrained by whatever is printed on the box and those edges ae considered open (no edge is completed closed by the castle panorama).

We discussed what happened to a monastery placed on the 3D starting panorama, trajectories for fliers, the dragon and so on... But she couldn't provide an answer. I explained my recommendation to her, but she could not decide if there was a better or wose approach. So HiG will not provide any official answer beyond this.

My recommendation, in order to solve any issues is:
A) Vertical sides only count for scoring cities and roads (considered as extra tiles) and for field connectivity.
B) Vertical sides do not count for monasteries, flier trajectores, dragon movement, etc. For these and other mechanics, you would only consider the top view. Thus, no vertical sides would get in the way.
C) No meeples or figure may be placed on a vertical side.

With this in mind, The answer to you questions would b as follows:

1) The landscape doesn't contain lines: if the dragon goes on it, does it eat all the meeple on the landscape?
Or shall we consider every 90° carton bending as a line? So it would only eat meeple on the floor he goes?

Vertical sides ar counted as square tiles when scoring cities and roads. However, the dragon may not land on vertical sides; it will follow the square grid as seen from the top. The dragon palced on the 3D Starting Landscape may be to an adjacent tile on the table or vice versa without taking into consideration any vertical sides.

2) Thanks to a portal or flying machine, I'm allowed to place a meeple on a feature located on the landscape, and I want to place it on a vertical side of the landscape. Am I allowed to do so?
If so, how shall I place the meeple to make it obvious it's placed on a vertical side?

Meeples cannot be placed on features shown on vertical sides. You may only use features on tiles visible from the top view. This may seem a limitation, but it will spare you from weird situations.

3) The dragon moves toward the landscape, and my next move is to place it on the landscape. How shall I place it when it reaches vertical sides? Dragon laying on the side to show it's currently on the vertical side of the landscape?

Ignore vertical sides. The dragon would follow the square grid as seen from the top view. No meeples can escape the dragon either, since meeples are not allowed on vertical sides.

4) I use the catapult with a seduction token (or a precision token, a close question could appear), with a target close to the lanscape. There is also a meeple on the landscape, and the token ends up between the target meeple and the meeple on the landscape. How should I consider the distance between the token and the meeple on the landscape? In a straight line as the crow flies? Or measuring every flat (vertical and horizontal) lines to reach the meeple?

Use the top view when playing with The Catapult. Vertical sides will be ignored, as if playing on a table with the usual 2D setup.

HiG made an experiment with the 3D Starting Landscape in order to test if tile holder boxes could be integrated into a regular game. Due to their size, they have to be placed on and edge of the table to minimize their impact on the board.

My recommendations above will help you make the most out of the 3D Starting Landscape without running into a lot of issues whn dealing with expansions.

Hope this helps.

The Marketplace / Re: transition tiles between winter and summer
« on: March 25, 2024, 01:36:17 PM »
This expansion can be found on CarcCZ:

The Marketplace / Re: Carcassone Spiel Promo tiles how to get them
« on: March 17, 2024, 02:39:53 AM »
You may check regularly here for Spiel tiles:

Try to make batches from the same seller for a better price. Good luck!

Replied by Cundco after invoking the Prime Directive:

Option C) is the chosen one: Any ghosts added to an abbot being removed will be worth -2 points. Please check here:

[Q2.1] As per the rules, it seems that the ghosts placed on a tile with spell circles just placed cannot be added to meeples until a later turn, no matter if the mist is completed or not during this turn. Is this correct?

[A2.1] No, this is a special case. Ghosts from the spell circles are not added directly, when placing the spell circle tile. However, if you complete a mist with a spell circle tile, you move all the ghosts in the mist bank, including those just placed on the spell circle tile.

[Q2.2] Red and Blue are playing a game. If Red completes this mist with a spell circle tile, does the player add the ghosts on it to the Blue's meeple?

[A2.2] Yes, you add all 3 ghosts, as shown in the picture (1 ghost from the supply for extending the mist and the 2 ghosts on spell circles in the mist since the it was just completed).

The ghosts on the spell circles will be added to Blue's meeple as a special case, since Red completed the mist. If Red hadn't completed the mist, only one of the meeples on the spell circles would be added to Blue's meeple.

[Q1] If you remove an abbot with one ghost from a garden, we are considering that the player will score -2 points for the ghost, the same as for any other scorings during the game. Removing the abbot without penalty from the ghost seems an extremely easy way out. Is this correct?

[A1] The ghost should simply score -2 points, no matter if you scored the abbot early or not.

As a general case, ghosts should be considered in all scorings involving features or meeples during the game. Each ghost will be worth -2 points.

Therefore, these scorings will take into consideration any ghosts added to meeples:
* The scoring of a road with a Road Sweeper gift (The Gifts)
* The removal of an abbot (The Abbot)
* The scoring of an acrobat pyramid (Exp. 10 - Under the Bit Top)
* The scoring of a field due to a barn placement or to connecting fields with barns (Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor)
* The scoring of a feature just completed (base game and expansions)
* The scoring of a meeple with Message #8 (Mini 2 - The Messengers)

I contacted Cundco about the ghosts, abbots and spell circles, and I received the following clarifications on March 13th 2024...

Following Kettlefish's tradition...

Question in BLUE

Answer in GREEN

Still open in RED

My own comments in MAROON

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