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City wall pieces: is this a horrible idea?


Green Builder:
So I was tinkering with my 3D printer and I tried to create a piece to implement a game mechanic I wish to test since the day I started playing Carcassonne. Basically, it's simply a piece of wall (similar to the ones included in the spin-off "The City", but smaller), like this:


and basically you can use it to "close" a side of a city, similarly to what an Abbey does, but only for one side. The piece would be placed over the edge of a tile (only on a field). A player would NOT be allowed to use it to completely close a city.

This is not even my original idea but something very close to it and maybe more doable. Would something like this work? Has something similar (or identical!) already been done? What do you think about it?

* This model was created by manipulating the file "Straight_Bridge_v1.stl" made available by user Meepledrone in another thread.


Yes. It's called City tokens. Also I saw Wooden walls used for it. Currently on phone and on Tapatalk so not able to share links to that threads.
But idea is good even not unique.

What is unique is not to allow close the city with this wall.

This is new!

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku

Green Builder:

--- Quote from: Bumsakalaka on March 10, 2023, 09:45:49 AM ---Yes. It's called City tokens.

--- End quote ---
I think I found it:
This is EXACTLY what I had originally in mind. Thank you, I was sure someone else thought about that before  :green-meeple:
I think using walls rather than parts of cities may be slightly better because they don't cover other game elements and don't add more points to the player using them.


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