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JT Atomico:
Having recently been able to check some post that had been waiting for me in my office since the pandemic, I found a spare Spiel 2020 bonus tile that I had forgotten about!

I would like to give this to someone who needs it for their collection.

If you're interested please comment on this thread sometime before next Sunday (11th December). It's not first come first served, so don't worry if someone got in before you.

My goal is to give it to someone that will actually enjoy and play with it, rather than just wait to resell it on eBay, so I'll do some preliminary filtering before making a random draw.

Merry Christmas! JT :green-meeple:


I am not participating in the giveaway because I already have the spiel 20 tile in my collection.  But great that you are doing this +1 merit from me. Good luck to the people who do participate

Same here; +1 merit from me and good luck to anyone participating!

I do not have this one yet, so I am interested.

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I appreciate your generosity, even if I don't win it! My only spiel promo is the 2022 one (in the mail and on its way, in theory) so my fingers are crossed!


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