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Project 1A: Carcassonne Game Notation

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Happy new year Carcassonne players!

Allow me to present to you the first of my Carcassonne projects: Game notation for Carcassonne!
As you know, one of the ways to play Carcassonne is a competitive game or a tournament where two players face off against each other using the base game only. Several other highly competitive games have notation systems dedicated to record the games in the form of a transcript. And now Carcassonne has one too! These can later be used to reproduce the specific game perfectly. This has various uses such as studying and analyzing past games to get better, develop strategies against specific players or using the data contained in these games for statistical analyses.

Even non-competitive players can find a use in the notation - the system can be used to set up various scenarios for puzzles or quizes, or example situations. Some might simply want to immortalize memorable games.

This game notation system is meant to serve as a powerfull tool for the community. It can either be written in any text editor or on a physical paper.
The project consists of two parts, both of which can be found in the download section of the forum, 1) pdf file of game notation manual where the system is explained in detail, 2) excel file with a pre-written notation sheet.

The manual has many examples to help you grasp the system and also includes several transcripts of real games, last of which is a final of Slovak Championship 2021.

That concludes the introduction of project 1A. As a heads up for the future, project 1B will be an extension of this notation for the whole game - this however will not be released any time soon.

I hope you will enjoy the game notation and will try it for yourself! Details in the manual. You are welcome to ask any questions in this topic :(y)

Link to download page:;cat=1

Other members have contributed toward making the notation accessible to more people. Please check carlium's amazing game notation app:

page 14: The second to last sentence of the third paragraph reads "comma", but should be "colon". The intent behind it is still readable based on examples and the symbol usage summary.
page 29: The tile list is missing two tiles cfff and frrr.
page 17: Figure 13 e, f, and g have their y coordinate shifted 1 tile.
page 25: In the trancript, turn 09. has a missing colon between tile orientation and code. Also coordinates for the turns 67. should be [-4;-1] and for turn 71. [-5;-1].


It’s a beautiful and impressive document.  Looking forward to trying out the system.  +1 merit from me.

Wow,  ;D you have put an enourmous amount of work into this: describing a whole Carcassone game by finding a formula for player identity / tile placement coordinates / tile identity and orientation / meeple placement & point gain. Impressive !!  :(y)
This is a great tool for the community +1 merit from me!

Now I fear that people will start using things like B:[0;-1]N:crrf>N:K=+4B in their posts....  :o and I was already overwhelmed by CCCF and RRCC....  ;)

Great document!

It seems like yesterday when you started discussing this impressive notation back in July 2019... ;D

I'm intrigued with the outcome of Project 1B, since tiles can have weird configurations...

+1 merit from me.

I'm curious how it will deal with fan expansions.

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