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Mayor - the failed concept

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This is the first time I read about the Mayor being useless.

I've only used him in 2 large games (2 expansions and 2 minis at least), and the Mayor was the most FEARED meeple in both of them. Like, someone is building a city that starts to get large, and then you invade it with a Mayor that is worth *three* meeples on its own. Everyone was desperately trying to invade and defend with and against other Mayors, but sometimes their mayors were already deployed elsewhere and it got very strategic all around the board. The game got very intense with bigger cities having on average 3 meeples inside each.

If anything, it made the game more exciting.

The Wagon, though, now THAT is a difficult one. In any games we add it, it gets very rarely used and then it gets stuck on the board for a while until the 2nd feature is finished.

Well. Just notice, that Mayor is interesting expansion which can change everything. It's totally overpowered, but why not. It's something which can help each player.
Anyway, there is excelent Fan expansion Gambler's Luck made by @Snearone which can deactivate all coat of arms in the city. So each Mayor will have power 0. But you need some luck to kick other players Moyars :D


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