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#x: What is "Mega Carcassonne"?

Since there's no official definition determining what Mega Carcassonne really is, it's a term that has come to mean different things to different people. For many people, Mega Carcassonne is simply a large game of Carcassonne with multiple expansions, although others are quite specific that it must include at least one copy of every official expansion (leading to difficulties regarding how so many different sets of rules interact between themselves). The lack of a solid definition means that the number of tiles required to play Mega Carcassonne will vary wildly and may range from perhaps as few as 150 to as many as several thousand if multiple copies of the basegame and expansions are included alongside fan-made expansions or even some of the spin-off games such as Carcassonne: Winter Edition (and expansions)!

#x: How many tiles were included in the largest ever game of Carcassonne?

The record for the largest game of Carcassonne is generally accepted to be 10,007 tiles that were placed across 48 tables during a special event as part of Gothcon in Sweden in March 2016. The game took over 25 hours to play and ended up with the majority of the tiles fitting into a 108 x 92 tile rectangle. It was a three-player game with final scores ranging from 11,886 to 9,402 including an 855-point city and a 35-point road.

Understandably, compromises had to be made to ensure that sufficient time was available to see all of the tiles placed before the end of the convention. This meant that while multiple copies of many expansions were included, most expansion rules were ignored and as such much of Carcassonne's additional "wood" (meeples) and other tokens such as bridges, castles and little buildings were not used in their intended way. It also meant that farmers were completely excluded, a decision that surprised and disappointed many Carcassonne fans considering what a big part of the game they are. A final time-saving mechanism that the games organisers came up with allowed the players to disregard the usual sequence of play such that players could take multiple consecutive turns as they wished during specific phases of the game.


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