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General / Indoctrinating others and more...
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:23:54 AM »
Something great happened today and I have to tell someone who will appreciate it as much as me (well, besides my Dad, I rang him to tell him.)

I teach a grade four/five class and early in the year I told them about my love for board games and made sure we had a few in the class. Every Friday afternoon we have time for board games before the end of the day (because it's the best way to encourage problem solving skills and positive social interaction at that time of the week! Or so I tell my boss...) and at the start of the year I had them watch a video of how to play Carcassonne and taught them all to play. Every week there are a good handful that want to play and some who beg me to play with them, which is great.

Today, however, I got the best news yet. One of the boys in my class had his birthday this week and got Carcassonne for his birthday! A few have said they want it but this was the first one that came to fruition!

Also, today I made a copy of Die Stadttore, which is exciting.

And, does anyone else have a name for their count or other meeple pieces? Tonight my sister decided that my count's name is Vlad.

Thanks for reading my stories of you made it this far!!


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