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Hi everyone,
you might have seen, that HiG published some videos and photos today on facebook / Instagram.

The winner of last years lottery (20 years edition) came to visit HiG in Munich today - Felix is his name. In this context, HiG made a few videos and pictures.
They are really lucky because the weather is perfect in Munich today!! The first day of sun after a long time of grey and rain  :D

Here are the transcriptions of 3 passages in the videos I found interesting:

Wie macht ihr das mit anderen Sprachen, habt ihr da extra Verleger oder extra Distributoren?
Es ist so, dass wir selbst immer nur die deutsche Version machen, d.h. wir entwickeln in Deutsch und dann haben wir auf der ganzen Welt andere Verlage, die bei uns die Lizenz kaufen. Die übersetzen dann die Spiele in ihre Sprachen, schicken uns ihre Daten zu und wir produzieren dann zusammen oder für die in Deutschland die Spiele und schicken die dann in die Welt. Es sind insgesamt, glaube ich momentan 26 Verlage auf der ganzen Welt in 26 Ländern in über 30 Sprachen, weil wir Länder haben wie z.B. die Nordics, die übernehmen halt mehrere Sprachen wie Finnisch, Norwegisch, Schwedisch und teilweise auch Dänisch, daher sinds einfach ich würde sagen 35 Sprachen in denen dann das Spiel da rauskommt.

Die Regel, die wir haben ist: das Logo soll das Logo bleiben und es muss vorne auf der Schachtel drauf sein. Sie können es dann schon ändern, aber das " Branding" - Brand Logo, muss auf der Schachtel vorhanden sein. Das ist jetzt bei bestimmten Spielen nicht so einfach, die einen deutschen Titel haben. Aber wir schauen eigentlich, wenn wir die Spiele machen mittlerweile schon darauf, dass das Ganze einen internationalen Namen hat.

Was ist eigentlich der Auftrag von HiG oder wo fängt der Job des Verlags an?
Das ist eine Frage, die stelle ich mir auch jeden Mogen, wenn ich aufstehe.  ;)
Also, anders wie andere Verlage oder große Verlage mache wir hier hauptsächlich die Entwicklung, das heißt, wir machen die kompette Spanne zwischen der Spielidee, die der Autor oder die Autorin zu uns bringt, d.h. sie bringen eine Grundidee mit einem Mechanismus. Ihr kennt alle Carcassonne, die Grundidee ist: ich decke ein Plättchen auf, ich lege das Plättchen passend an ein anderes Plättchen an, dann muss irgendwas pasieren, damit ich Punkte bekomme. Wenn das jetzt die Grundidee ist, dann kommt der Autor damit zu uns und wir schauen uns diese ganzen Prototypen das ganze Jahr über immer wieder an, entscheiden, ist das cool, macht das irgendwie Spaß, hat es irgendwie was Spezielles. Und dann wird meistens ein Vertrag ausgehandelt zwischen dem Verlag und den Autoren und dann fangen wir an mit der Entwicklung, d.h. wir spielen diesen Prototypen.

How do you do it with other languages, do you have extra publishers or extra distributors?
It is so that we ourselves always make only the German version, i.e. we develop in German and then we have other publishers around the world who buy the license from us. They then translate the games into their languages, send us their data and we then produce the games together or for them in Germany and then send them around the world. I think there are a total of 26 publishers around the world in 26 countries in over 30 languages, because we have countries, such as the Nordics, which take over several languages such as Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and partly Danish, so I would say it's 35 languages in which the game comes out there.

The rule we have is: the logo should remain the logo and it must be on the front of the box. They can make changes, but the "branding" - brand logo, must be present on the box. Now that's not so easy with certain games that have a German title. But when we make the games, we took the habit to make sure that the whole thing has an international name.

What is HiG's mission, or where does the publisher's job begin?
That's a question I ask myself every morning when I get up. ;)
Well, unlike other publishers or big publishers, here we mainly do the development, that is, we do the complete span between the game idea that the author brings to us, i.e. they bring a basic idea with a mechanism. You all know Carcassonne, the basic idea is: I draw a tile, I place the tile matching to another tile, then something has to happen for me to get points. If that's the basic idea, then the author comes to us with it and we look at all these prototypes over and over again throughout the year, deciding, is this cool, is this somehow fun, does it somehow have something special. And then a contract is usually negotiated between the publisher and the authors and then we start with the development, i.e. we play this prototype.

General / Do you recognise this start tile?
« on: March 26, 2023, 02:54:44 AM »
someone on ebay-kleinanzeigen is wondering about a start tile.
For me it looks like a fan expansion but I do not know it.
Does anybody here has an idea from what fan expansion this is?  @wolnic ?
Thanks in advance.

Updated May 14th, 2023

Hi everybody,
it pains me to see that so many people all around the world have difficulties with this great game   :(
Most of the time this is due to misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the rules which are really poorly written.
I have checked in many forums and found that ALL players who found this game difficult, have at some stage not played the game as intended. ALL !!
In addition, the initial level 6 was just not feasable. I have found only one player who won once in a solo game ... but before that he lost 150 times... Fortunately, HiG have changed the rules for level 6 in the meantime (March 2023)
You can find the updated rules here (still poorly written)

In order to help making this game enjoyable, I have made checklists. There is one checklist per level per number of players.
Meepledrone will somehow integrate this in the WICA later, but I wanted to share them beforehand so that people can already profit from them.

NOTE: you should always read the official rules first and play a game or two on your own BEFORE you refer to my checklists. The checklists are NOT rules, but they will help you to understand the rules and put all into the right order and not forget anything

You will always find the latest updates and an overview in this first post.

Update May 14th, 2023:
All checklists now include the updated rules from March 2023.
NEW: the checklists are now available in one excelsheet where you can select the number of players and level
There are two versions of the checklists:

Version 1.0: the initial rules where majority applies and level 6 is too hard
Version 2.0: the updated rules where majority does not apply anymore and level 6 has been revised
The link lead you to my dropbox. Please make sure to download the file, only then you can see the necessary filters.

Version 1.0 download here
Version 2.0 download here

General / What is your favorite tile in the basegame?
« on: January 27, 2023, 03:01:43 AM »
I know, it is an odd question, but nevertheless.... what is yours?

Mine is this one, because it offers so many nice possibilities  >:D


no no no, Meepledrone, do not read any further!!!!!  >:D

From here only for all the others...

Hi everybody,

Meepledrone is doing such a great job providing us the Advent Quizz and giving us a great time and a lot of fun with that.
I know that it is taking him a lot of work to do it.

So I thought it would be nice to give him a present.  :)
What do you think? Would you like to join in and participate?

We just asked him on Discord and it seems this time of year, he really appreciates the Spanisch Kings cake...
What if we gather enough money to ask his favorite bakery to make this cake in the shape of a meeple?

Is there anybody here who speaks spanish?

I hope you like my idea and join in  :)

General / How do you shuffle your tiles?
« on: December 04, 2022, 01:23:03 AM »
This dialogue from the " I love the postman" thread had me thinking...

My big existential question of the moment related to carcassonne is to know if I invest in sleeves to protect my tiles.  ???

If you use a bag to draw the tiles is a must...

It really is. I was playing a copy of Hunters and gathers 2nd edition out of a bag and you could tell a few pieces has already taken a beating

We do not use a bag but the tower for the tiles. But we need to shuffle them and I can clearly see that they get rubbed from that!

We put them face down on the table and shuffle and I think, clearly, that is not a good idea....

My BB5 tiles got a little damaged so I just had to buy a new BB5 box (for a good price ;) ) but would like to avoid that in the future.
Also, I don't want to use sleeves.

Any ideas how to shuffle without damaging the tiles?

General / Info: CundCo now catching up on problems with Advent sale
« on: January 26, 2022, 10:07:44 PM »
just wanted to share the good news:

Like many of us, I had a problem during the advent sale with postage calculation on the CundCo website. I wrote to CundCo on Nov 29th and got back an answer yesterday afternoon as well as the refund of the too much paid amount.  :)

Background: My order could have been shipped as normal letter but was calculated AND shipped as parcel. So, in fact, they shipped according to the cost but I still got refunded because they acknowledged there was definitely a problem with their webside.

I don't want to re-start a discussion here, this is just an information.

Hi fellow players,

I am not new to the Carcassonne world (I am German and I played from the beginning of the game...), I am not even new to this forum (I joined in 2017), but after many years of silence and background activity (meaning crafting those wonderful fan expansions and playing them with much joy) this is my first post :)
I am a little sad to see that the activity around Carcassonne seems to go down and I am getting the impression that most of the players left are die hard CC I fans....  :yellow-meeple:
Dont get me wrong, I also do prefer CC I (for a lot of reasons) but I have no trouble playing with mixed games or even with only the new edition.
So, is my impression right or wrong? Pleeeease convince me that I am wrong  ;)

The real reason why I am asking 8):  I am just now developing my own very first fan expansion - idea was from a few days ago (I posted it in the German Carcassonne Forum) but it is only for CC II.
Do you think I can find players willing to test knowing that test has to be in CC II ? Are there even enough active players to find somebody willing to test? 

Thanks a lot for replying! :) :) :)

PS: and thanks a lot to all the wonderful people who have created those wonderful fan expansions I like to play with... :)

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