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Some Questions from obervet03 and my Answers about the Minis

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obervet03 gave me some interesting questions.
I have already some answers, because some parts I became the answers from Georg Wild some time ago and some answers are the rules itself.

Question 1:
Q: Can the mayor be a flier?
A:Yes the mayor is a follower and can fly, but the mayor can only land on a not finished city. If there is not an unfinished city then the turn is over and the mayor goes back to the players supply.
The answer gave me Georg Wild at one of our xxxx calls.

one of my questions to Georg Wild
Q: Can the mayor also go through the magic portal?
A:Yes the mayor is a follower and can go through the magic portal, but the mayor can only be placed on a not finished and unclimed city.

Information from Georg Wild - 14 02 2013:
The player scores 0 Points for a finished city without any pennants and with the mayor in it.
The mayor can only be placed in a city not in a castle.
(This sentence is difficult to the rule from the BigBox3.)


Question 2:
Q: Can a flier land on a magic portal?
A: No, the flier can only land on an unfinished road, city or an unfinished cloister. A magic portal is an other feature.

Q: Is a magic portal ever considered completed?
A: The magic portal is a separate feature, that is a portal... The follower can only go through the portal and not build something on the magic portal, but only one follower can go through it.

If you play with the phantom as a second follower and the first (wooden) follower goes through the magic portal (the first follower claimed the magic portal) then the phantom can't go through the magic portal.
Answer from Georg Wild - 14 02 2013.

Question 3:
What are the actual rules for the Wheel of Fortune Famine sector? A previous clarification said that the
statement “in the same way as farms are scored at final scoring” means that a majority of farmers is required.
However, it seems like this is the opposite of the Tax sector, where a majority is NOT required to get the
points for knights. Plus, the rule says that the player scores “for each of his FARMERS,” not each farm. It
seems like each farmer should score points, and that the “end of game” comment should mean that bonuses are
given for pigs, castles, etc. (NOT that a majority is required).

I have to say, that I don't know the answer.
I think we have some answers at the HiG-Chat or at Spielbox-forum. I have to look.

Question 4:
.In the Ferries, I have interpreted that a ferry can only be moved if a new tile is placed and the wooden ferry itself is a part of that road (and the first ferry along that road).
In other words, if the road that was just extended ends at the lake, and the ferry piece is connecting two of the OTHER segments, the ferry CANNOT be moved.
Is this correct?
Or can the ferry be moved when ANY of the road segments on that lake are extended?

Here are some links to BGG:

Reply Chrstiof Tisch - The Babarian Report from Whaleyland about the ferries:

Christof Tisch - new examples for the ferries:

Christof Tisch makes the graphics and the design of the rules for Carcassonne also he is creating some of the meeples. His answers are official.

Unfortunately, Christof Tisch's answer does not answer obervet03's question, nor was he asked that question in the BGG post. It's too bad his illustrated examples also don't answer the question. Coincidentally, or not, they only show nearest ferries that are already situated on the the road that is being extended.

The question restated is - if I place a tile that extends a road connected to a ferry tile where the ferry is not connected to that road, but rather to two other roads on the ferry tile, do I still get to move the ferry?


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