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You can place your wagon on a tile just like placing a meeple, and it does count as a single meeple for scoring and control of the feature.

Builders can be added to features that you control, but I don’t see anything on WikiCarPedia that specifically says that you can add your builder to your wagon controlled feature and then get builder second turns.

Is this legal?


Yes, wagon is considered as meeple, but with extra moving mechanic and inability to place on a farm.

Builders can be placed with any meeple in a city or on a road. Builders are special figures, not meeples.

The rules of any expansion are always written as if you were playing with the base game only... So you, as a seasoned player and rules interpreter, must infer -according to HiG's standards- that when the rules say meeple, you must assume any meeple unless stated otherwise or any constraints apply.

Please check this set of extended comments I prepared for the base game when combined with expansions. I will add it the the main Base Game page eventually:

One of the points deals with the meeple denomination.

General notes:
* A meeple is:
   - A normal meeple (Base Game)
   - An abbot meeple (Basr Game  - The Abbot)
   - A large meeple (Exp. 1 - Inns & Cathedrals)
   - A wagon (Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor)
   - A mayor (Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor)
   - A ringmaster (Exp. 10 - Under the Big Top)
   - A phantom (The Phantom)
* A special figure is:
   - A builder (Exp. 2 - Traders & Builders)
   - A pig(Exp. 2 - Traders & Builders)
   - A barn (Exp. 5 - Abbey & Mayor)
   - A shepherd (Exp. 5 - Hills & Sheep)
   - A messenger (Mini #2 - Messages) - on the scoreboard
   - A robber (Mini #6 - Robbers) - on the scoreboard
* A neutral figure is:
   - The fairy (Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon)
   - The dragon (Exp. 3 - The Princess & the Dragon)
   - A tower floor (Exp. 4 - The Tower)
   - The Count (Exp. 6 - Count, King & Robber)
   - A bridge (Exp. 8 - Castles, Bridges & Bazaars)
   - The Big Top (Exp. 10 - Under the Big Top)
   - The Big Pink Pig (The Wheel of Fortune)
   - The special die (Mini #1 - Flier)
   - A ferry (Mini #3 - Ferries)
   - A gold ingot (Mini #4 - Goldmines)
   - The Mage (Mini #5 - Mage & Witch)
   - The Witch (Mini #5 - Mage & Witch)
   - The teacher (The School)
   - The Gingerbread Man (Winter Edition - The Gingerbread Man)

This page may help you solve some issues about do's and don'ts regarding figures:

Hmm. I dont like including die, tower pieces, bridges or gold ingolrs to neutral figures.
What about to add them to special category like game equipment or something like that?

Odoslané z SM-A202F pomocou Tapatalku

In BB6/BB7, they are referred to as "neutral figures/pieces."


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