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Tower, Builder, Phantom combo


Would this be a legal move?

I draw a CCRR tile which I can add to the City that contains my Builder.  The tile also completes an unoccupied road. Two of my opponents are also building a large shared city on a different location on the map.

I do not place my meeple on the newly completed road, instead a place a Tower Floor on a tower base that is next to shared large city and capture one of my opponent’s meeples. Then I place my Phantom on the completed road to score an instant 3 points and get my Phantom back.

Now for my Builder Second Turn:
I am lucky and draw a tile that will complete what was the large shared city at the start of my turn.  Instead of placing the second turn meeple, I place another Tower Floor on the tower base and capture the second opponent’s meeple from the large city. Finally I place my Phantom (which I just got back) on the new tile to capture the large city for myself. Then, in the second turn scoring phase, I score the large city and get my Phantom back.

This sounds too good to be true, but I think it does follow all of the rules!


It's a legal move, note that both of your opponent's meeples have to be aligned with the tower  :yellow-meeple:

Let me expand a little on my first post!

If a player has a Meeple and their Builder on a feature, and another player places a Tower Floor and captures their Meeple; does their builder remain on the feature, or is it returned to that player's supply? If it does remain on the feature, does it prevent other players from placing their meeple on the feature?

As soon as the opponent's last meeple leaves the city, the builder would also be removed. The builder (and the pig) cannot be alone on a feature. They require to be along with a meeple from the same player.

Ha. Imagine this situation.
You have meeole and builder in city.
With some expansion (tower, princes, vodyanoy, etc ) other player remove your last meeple from that city.
Imagine that you builder will kept there.
If some player will block that city for finishing, you'll be not able to get your builder back and also you will not get any points from builder because in that city is your power zero because none of your meeole is in city.

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