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Is this bridge placement legal? (+ another question about castles and fields)

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I put the tile in the bottom-right corner, and then I placed a bridge continuing the road on the left. My adversary said this was not legal because "there was not enough field on the tile to place the bridge on". Was she right?


There is no "enough or not enough" condition in the rules. The border of the tile is made of field, so a bridge may be placed over it  :yellow-meeple:

By the way, depending on the print run, the field may be bigger for this same tile. Yours seems to be tilted a bit on the left while printing (or while cutting), making the left field smaller, the city's point a little chopped, and the road not centered...

I understand. Thank you. I have a second question, also about farms. Is the farm indicated by the yellow arrow interrupted? I mean, does the castle occupy the exact same space of the city underneath, or is it smaller and add some field around?

Even if the castle token is smaller, the fields are still separated, the same as the underlying small city did..


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