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More CAR for spin-offs?


Are there any FAQ for spinoffs that don't have a CAR? Are people asking questions about the spinoffs on BGG? I feel like I should highlight all four CAR that we have, not just the two that Chris is maintaining.


At the HiG-Chat:
We have rarely questions about the other Carcassonne games.
But I am not finished with the HiG-Chat with putting each question/answer in the right section of Carcassonne and it's family at the Carcassonne-Forum.

I took a look around BGG, and people are definitely asking questions about the spin-offs. Most of the games have 4 pages of questions in the rules sub-forum. Some of the questions seemed unusually easy, but I haven't examined the rules to see whether it's actually not clear enough. Some things are probably obvious to me only because I know.


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