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Priority: Need Links to New CAR

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Title says it all. We need to get links to the new version of the Carcassonne CAR up and easily accessible. I can't even find them. Also, we need to get the new edition uploaded to BoardGameGeek. If Matt Harper is still contactable, perhaps he'd be willing to at least continue updating the file on BGG so we can keep the 214+ thumbs the file already has. Otherwise, we should probably ask him to put a notice on his file to go to the currently updated copy.


We have the newest S-CAR v6.2 and also the W-CAR v1.0.
Obervet03 has uploaded this at mediafire.
What I know, Scott has done a link to the newest CAR.
You can find the CAR in the Download section.

Also at BGG is the newest CAR the summer and the winter CAR.
Obervet03 did this weeks ago:
You can find both documents of the CAR at the follow links:

If you mean the FAQ from Matt Harper at:

I wrote to mjharper already some emails.
He has to change the link from his side to the new forum.
But I didn't know if he is available at the moment.
The university has holiday.

It would be handy for the entire community if there was a link perhaps on the menu bar...for quick access at any time.

I think a few different strategies are worthwhile. The more exposure, the better. Sticky thread in the rules forum will be a good start. I'm also going to add a block on the home page. Gotta wait until after work though.

Agreed. I feel the CAR is the lifeblood of the site and the thing Hans im Gl├╝ck respects most about our group. But getting the current edition in the Files Section at BGG is a must for visibility and for those who don't troll old forums. Perhaps it's time to upload the document as its own instead of using Matt Harper's well-thumbed file. His file has been neglected for years on there, so perhaps it's just time to move on.

In any case, I give two thumbs up to the idea of adding a menu bar link and a sticky link in this forum (just like we had before).


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