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The Tower - Rule book from ZMG has not included the update from BigBox1


At CarcF we are surching for differences in the rule books - especially what has HiG on their homepage and what rules are in the BigBox.

The tower was published in spring 2006. HiG has on their homepage this rule online. This is the old version.

The newer version of the rule for the tower is in the BigBox 1 - published in autumn 2006.

The old version of the rules has no clarification - what stats have the builder and the pig - who can be captured by the tower? And what happens with the dragon - can he eat the follower on a tower?

All this was changed in the BigBox1 rule.
But both rules stated:
"The tower is closed if a follower stands on the top of a tower."

That means: without a follower on the top of a tower - the tower is still open (like an open bottle without a screw-top cap) and more tower pieces can be placed on this tower - and it can be grow up.


Here is the link to CarcF - The thread shows the differences to both versions.
(this is in German - all the green words are new or different)
Der Turm - the tower

Thread: Der Turm - Regeln im Vergleich

The CAR follows the BigBox1 rule.

ZMG has translated the rule from spring 2006 (the old version) that one what HiG still has online at their homepage.
ZMG started the publishing with the BigBox4, that means they don't have the newer version of the rule from the BigBox1.


--- Quote from: kettlefish on November 25, 2013, 11:51:42 AM ---But both rules stated:
"The tower is closed if a follower stands on the top of a tower."

--- End quote ---

The problem with the English translations is that the wrong verb was chosen, creating a slightly different focus for this rule. The English translations have said that the tower is closed "when a player places a follower on a tower", seemingly indicating that the act of placement is the key. By that suggestion, once the act has occurred, the tower is done growing, even if the follower later disappears. That was obviously not the intent of the rule, as it is the presence of the follower that halts tower growth, but it is confusing as written for us English-speaking types.


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