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Does the City of Carcassonne count for the King?

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JT Atomico:
Very quick rules question. When scoring for the King (from King & Robber Baron) at the end of the game, do you get one point for the City of Carcassonne itself (from Count of Carcassonne)?

My guess is that you should, since this city is counted for farms at the end of the game, according to footnote 68 of S-CAR v6.3:

--- Quote ---68 The city of Carcassonne does count when scoring farms at the end of the game.
--- End quote ---


I would agree with your assessment -- if it's enough of a city to get farm points for it, you should definitely be able to get a King point from it. Interesting that this hasn't officially come up before (to my knowledge)...

The King scores a point for every completed city. Although the City of Carcassonne is complete, it was not completed by anyone during the course of the game. It was complete from the beginning of the game. On those grounds, I don't expect it would be worth a point to the holder of the King tile.

Scott: why should the City of Carcassonne be counted for farmers but not for the King ?

hello to everybody!
mmmm so? count or not?  :)


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