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--- Quote from: Bumsakalaka on June 21, 2022, 01:00:42 AM ---
--- Quote from: DIN0 on June 20, 2022, 03:57:34 PM ---Btw Meepledrone, this probably got buried in the conversiation, although it is nothing urgent:

--- Quote ---I noticed an inconstistent useage of "medieval" and "mediaeval" throughout WICA. Both are technically correct, but it may confuse some people.
I would recommend sticking to more commonly used form "medieval", which search would indicate currently has 41 uses, rather than lesser used "mediaeval" with only 9. 
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Thanks both...

I was keeping an eye on your messages. Nice to see it has been taken care of. ;)

The last one is remaining in Gold Rush:
"...but moves it from mediaeval France to the American Wild West. "


--- Quote from: DIN0 on June 21, 2022, 05:00:26 AM ---Thanks!
The last one is remaining in Gold Rush:
"...but moves it from mediaeval France to the American Wild West. "

--- End quote ---

Marked it for translation to remove last reference.

Hi everyone!

I've been researching history of releases of Carcassonne in Russia and I spotted a couple of mistakes on Wiki about one of the compilations.

"Noble towers" is not the right translation of box's name. The right one is "Nobles and towers" (that's obviously a typo, it's called the right way in other places.

Also, that compilation doesn't contain "Count, King & Robber" in it's entirety. Instead, it contains three separate parts of that expansion:
- The Count
- River II
- Heretics and Shrines - Spielbox version with 5 tiles and pentagon symbol

That makes sence as King is included in Compilation 1.
There's the link to the box's rules for proof:

Hey Tolstukha286!

Thanks, despite having all the boxes, I didn't spot it yet!
 I'll have a look to update later this week once I'm back home

It can also be interesting to hear what you've found about the Russian releases.
I've managed to collect most of the C1 releases that I'm aware of, but there can always be new things we didn't know off


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