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Where can I find the english translation for Roi, Comte et Brigand?


You will find all rules in the CAR Complete Annotated Rules. Look at the downloads section (you have to be logged in) - Rules & General.

Yes, the easiest (and the best) is to look at the Completed Annotated Rules:

Comte, roi et brigand/ Graf, K├Ânig und Konsorten was never published as one package in English by Rio Grande (don't know of Z-Man's plans), but here are the individual pages from Rio Grande with rules which cover the components of Comte, roi et brigand:

(The Rio Grande set has an extra cult place tile not found in Comte, roi & brigand.)

Not entirely true, the expansion was included in the Big Box 2 a while back, which means RGG rules were included in that. I don't think those rules are digitally available, though.

At the Carcassonne-Forum are the rules in other languages.
Please look at Carcassonne - Sonder-Editionen-Special Editions - Die BigBoxen

The English rules for the BigBox2 (2008):


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