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I would like to ask if anybody from the forum bought or are planning to buy the sleeves for tiles from Swan. If so could you please provide some pictures and maybe review?

I am willing to byu theses sleeves for my tiles especially to print the watermarks on them instead of the tiles, but because of shipping cost to the Europe, only the larger orders are cost-effective.


no, i use from Avery this one:

I had no idea there was such a thing as tile sleeves. :o

Those QR Code labels are interesting too.

The sleeves that I mentioned are protectors for tiles not stickers. I would like to stick on them only same kind of watermark for GQ#11 (and same other expansions) and put the tiles inside so the tiles are untouched by sticker.

They are pretty new think - available on marker from February/

Wow what nice finds! The QR scanner labels could bring a whole new dynamic of interaction to the game. And it's inexpensive enough to at least test them out.


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