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This post reminded me why I never played with this expansion :)

ahah shame I didn't see it before, it's literrally in my neighborhood.

I was playing zamek the other day and we had a small disput how to score 2 separe scoring on the same turn (it was 2 points and 4 points)

It mattered to end up on a corner with a bonus round thingy. It wasn't explained clearly, I looked on original the castle rules and there it was specified that we do scoring separately, so we could indeed take the bonus tile (in case of 6 points straight, it wouldn't be possible)

Maybe a footnote at the end also ?

You mean you payed and they are shipping already ?

I thougt it was clear you can pay but they won't ship until 27/04

Ba it would never ... but even with a cross it's 2 separate roads, there is no intersection right ?

Have to admit was never a big fan of ferry.

Wait it can make a cross ? Mind blown ....

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