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Very cool Dan!

Now I wonder if you recorded our two trial games and have been studying my moves ever since  :P

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: A Carcassonne League?
« on: May 08, 2014, 02:56:26 AM »
Is there any League news? Have any other Round 1 matches been played or have the times for the matches been set yet? I presume there will be some sort of live video stream where we can all watch each match ;D

The in-game screenshots, complete with arrows, are brilliant! Nice work dawg.

Even though the score was pretty close for most of the game, I was usually slightly ahead and thought I had the game mostly under control. It was only as the farm battle began towards the end and dawg put his third meeple nearby that I realised I was in some trouble.

We played a two-game series to open the Carcassonne League on Monday night using JCloisterZone, splitting the two games one apiece. I'll do the write-up for the first game and jvnoledawg will do it for the second game (which means we each get to write up the game we won). Thanks to danisthirty for his emergency hosting and for cheering us on via Skype during the games!

I went first in the first game and quickly grabbed a farm within the first couple of tiles. I ended up winning this farm 2-1 and it proved to be the highest scoring feature of the game at 27 points. Dawg played a lot of his meeples early, and this ended up costing him as two of his meeples (one on a road and one on a cloister) became virtually trapped, leaving only the cloister with road as a way for him to get them back. He played a lot of the middle section of the game with no meeples, eventually getting one back by finishing a cloister.

Elsewhere, dawg started building a city on the right side of the board and I took my chance to 'glom on', getting one meeple in and then getting a second one in to steal the city which was worth 26 points, the biggest city of the game. This gave me a large lead, and while dawg was able to finish the aforementioned cloister and complete an 18-point city to catch up a bit later in the game, it wasn't enough.

The final score was 137-66 - see the attached screenshots for the score breakdown and the board at the end of the game.

Because of that, from now on we're just going to use them as normal cloisters.

I have been thinking that too. Even though I haven't played with the German monasteries yet, the abbot concept feels a bit unnatural to me as well as giving too many points.

Another great report! I don't want to give away too many of my secrets here (ha!), but I have a few things to add.

My big regret in this game was not securing the original cathedral city better by either moving more knights into it or doing a better job of preventing D30 from 'glomming on'. I also didn't really get much advantage out of the builder for the whole game really, as I didn't really build any significant cities after getting the builder back when D30 completed the cathedral city. Very late in the game I added it to my 11-point unfinished road but not with much advantage. This road and my secondary 18-point farm proved to be the difference in the end, along with two unfinished 8-point cloisters as D30 mentioned. Again there was some critical end-of-game scoring that helped me out massively.

Interesting, but perhaps not surprising, was that both of our games descended into epic battles for control of the biggest farm towards the end of the game. In the end we played each other to a draw for the big farm in both games and in both cases if either one of us had won the farm outright, that player would have won the game. 

Great review indeed and a great game too! Thanks again D30. The scoring was very close throughout, we were often tied at various stages during the game. We were virtually tied when the last tile was played as well but I had more end-game scoring through an unfinished cloister (7 points) and road (6 points).

In terms of my strategy, I drew a cloister with my first tile and used it to start a farm. D30's road curved around nicely to make my farm bigger, and I made a couple of loop roads to extend the farm even further, adding some small cities as well. I am used to playing with computer players or real players who I can usually outsmart with farms, so my aim was to create a large farm and hold onto it. I might have to rethink that strategy with CarcC opponents because I very nearly lost the farm and the game.

I think I drew 4 or 5 of the 6 cloisters so that definitely helped as I was able to complete two of them fairly easily early on in the game and get seven points for another one that I drew late in the game. That final cloister with a road (at the top of the board) also allowed me to get an extra farmer in the field to preserve the tie so it was probably the most important tile I drew. Funny that the other cloister with a road that D30 drew was also crucial to his game as he mentioned.

Anyway, it was great fun to play and bring on the league!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: A Carcassonne League?
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:14:38 AM »
My only concern is getting it work between two individuals across the internet.  Has anyone here actually made that happen?

Dan and I are doing a test run tonight to see if we can get it to work. We'll let you know how it goes!

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: A Carcassonne League?
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:58:13 AM »
Looking forward to it! After the first series is over, it would be great to do it again adding one expansion, then again with a different expansion etc.

It's one sheet with the tiles to be punched and also a manual, but there's no box or anything else to store them in.

Finally ordered mine along with the river I.

That's exactly what I did, since I have a Rio Grande version of the base game without the River. The River and the Cloisters together come in at just under 10 euros which gives you the cheaper shipping cost :)

Without having any knowledge of German, I always found it strange that we used the term cloister to describe this feature in English, since a cloister is just one part of a monastery (an inner courtyard). So I think monastery is the more appropriate term, but I'm used to using cloister now so I'll stick with it. Plus I like to give myself nine points every time I visit a real cloister in Europe, which is surprisingly often :)

Guys, is it normal not to hear anything from after you transfer the payment? Do they usually send you an email to confirm payment or to tell you that your item has shipped, or do you just make the payment and then find the product in your mailbox some time later?

General / Re: Carcassonne is missing a tile?
« on: April 17, 2014, 08:38:54 AM »
I think certain expansions work well with certain other ones. For example, Traders and Builders and the Count both include benefits for completing features controlled by other players. Another one is that because the Cathar tiles are essentially the opposite of the Cathedral tiles, these can be nice to use together.

Anyway, I think figuring out how to strategise when using a combination of expansions is part of the fun because you need to consider a lot of different things.

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: A Carcassonne League?
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:20:47 PM »
I'm definitely up for this. It might be a bit difficult to arrange all the head-to-head matches with different timezones though. Maybe we could have continental 'conferences', with the winners of each conference advancing to the final round or something like that?

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