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Just as Guy wrote, using plague it is possible to stuff all the meeples on a single tile, or at least almost all.
Especially useful for moving a builder, pig or shepherd.
Abbots would be a special case, as they need to be placed on the same garden or monastery using flyiers.
Count expansion can also be helpful for sending meeples into features.
Tile from the goldmines: CRRC+monastery, would also accommodate mage and witch at the same time + fairy.
So for 6 players C1+C2 game, that would be 99 meeples on a single tile.
Using big box 5 with 2 extra sets of (some) meeples would decreese the number, as all players need to have same sets of meeples, so that would exclude ringmasters, phantoms, mayors and wagons, for 91 total.

But as the first post states, only new edition, so the highest meeple count at a single tile would be 75 using count expansion for initial filling the tile (including large, mayor, wagon, ringmaster), flyer to place abbots, crop circles for all remaining meeples that were not added by city of carcassonne mechanic, and mage+witch+fairy for a good measure at the end.

If you have possibility, which fan expansion do you want to have and you want to play in JCloisterZone?
You know my choices :D
Probably two that will be hardest to implement due to a lot of rule changes and variables, by order of the king, and seasons.
The third one on my list would be Family Feud, and this one is coming soon to JCZ ;)

General / Re: Carcassonne: Carc Central Edition?
« on: June 03, 2021, 04:54:22 AM »
I would like to join as well :)
My suggestion is to draw tiles (as you would in normal Carcassonne game ;) ) and not choose, one at a time, that will allow more people to join in later on, if not, current participants will draw next ones till it will be completed.
The starting tile could be made last, poll for best candidate based on already made tiles would determine who should do it, same goes for scoring track, or this one could be "patched" together. What you think?

General / Re: Translations
« on: May 21, 2021, 05:14:35 AM »
The best option, of course, is to contact the author. It is possible that he will provide a translation himself.
If not, I am in favour of translations that are as literal as possible with respect to the original, even if they will contain errors that can be corrected by translators comments. I would leave adding extra rules based on the new expansions solely to the player.

The translation, as the original, will be made available for free, so it should not hurt anyone, on the contrary, because the work will be spread on to a wider audience and its author could be appreciated by that group, otherwise being unknown.

I'm also in favour of preserving the original presentation, however, this is not always possible. Using the CarcC template is not good, so it would be best to use the template that was used to create the original rules, or just leave the unformatted translated text along with the original file.

Official Rules / Re: Large meeple vs. small meeple farmers
« on: May 16, 2021, 01:28:25 PM »
If a large farmer and a small farmer end up in the same field due to adjoinment, does the large farmer win the field and get all the points? That is, can a field be "won," or only "tied" so that both get points?
Player with majority wins at the end of game, so big meeple takes all as 2>1.

If a large farmer and a small farmer end up in the same field due to adjoinment, AND A BARN IS PLACED IN THAT FIELD, what happens? Do they both get 3 points per completed city? (or 4 points with a pig) Or does the small farmer get no points?
Same as above, but after placement of the barn fields are scored immediately and both players get meeples back.

Official Rules / Re: Question about City gates and builder
« on: May 16, 2021, 05:06:23 AM »
In my opinion it shouldn't grant extra turn, as it is not expanding the road, just ending it, similar like it works with the Abbey.

General / Re: Carcassonne Central Slack Channel
« on: May 13, 2021, 12:18:13 AM »
Discord gives you invites with an expiry date...

You can setup it to expire after different time, or after reaching certain number of invites, both could be set up as unlimited ;)

The Marketplace / Re: Dice Game Giveaway Contest
« on: May 09, 2021, 10:29:14 AM »
Wow, wasn't expecting this!

Awesome, thanks a lot!   :)) :(y)

You are a lucky guy DieterR, first the Spiel 20 tile, and now this giveaway :D Congrats!
Play some euromillions, and of course share the winning numbers with us beforehand ;D

+1totec55 for organising this giveaway  :)

The Marketplace / Re: Dice Game Giveaway Contest
« on: May 09, 2021, 12:31:57 AM »

The Marketplace / Re: Dice Game Giveaway Contest
« on: May 07, 2021, 11:50:21 PM »
Is it German Monasteries?

When I open the original image I see it contains individual tiles that are about 530x530 pixels (plus their bleed area), but the resolution shows as 72dpi for printing. 530x530 requires 300dpi for printing at the correct size for sticking onto blank tiles, and I would change this and reserve if you just want to import into Word. Alternatively just print the PNG from a graphics package.

Must be imgur that converted it to 72, I've checked files on my pc and they are 300dpi.

General / Re: symbol
« on: May 01, 2021, 10:10:58 AM »
do you also have the symbol of the dragon extension?

After speaking with Bumsakalaka, I offered to make the tiles while he was focusing on something else ;)

2mm bleed added.

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: 2021 Basegame round 4
« on: April 23, 2021, 03:40:24 AM »
Allograft (80) vs Snearone (104)
At the beginning of our first game Allograft got quick 4 points closing a small city, I got a FFFF cloister as my first tile, a moment later another RFFF cloister, Allograft called me king of the cloisters at that time, he didn't know yet how the RNG of the game in this respect would benefit me later on when I could fill the hole with another RFFF cloister to get a quick 9 points. While Allograft was closing small towns I could only surround my cloisters with roads.
The battle began for the ever-growing city in which I managed to take control.
Allograft on the other hand took control of the longest road.
We held off on occupying the fields until the very end of the game, Allograft occupied one with four completed cities which I already had my eye on, so I took a risk and, extending my road, occupied only two city field, which I later expandend adding another three towns thanks to the cloister which I could not occupy due to lack of followers, and in very next move thanks to the road

Snearone (126) vs Allograft (62)
During our second game there was another battle for a large city, in which I had the upper hand from the start and fended off my opponent's attacks until I finally managed to close it down.
The second large city, however, was taken by Allograft, but could not be completed.
Once again Allograft occupied the main field, but very quickly I was able to join my follower to it, and even more quickly a second one to take over and enlarge it.

Thanks for the games Allograft  :(y)

gladly they aren't visible any more  O0

You can always take a screenshot just before the last tile is placed and then paste it over ;)

Leagues (including expansion leagues) / Re: 2021 Basegame round 3
« on: April 10, 2021, 02:40:20 AM »
Thanks for the games and for the chat Snearone. It was a pleasure! :(y)

Indeed, it was a pleasure!  :(y)
During the first game the points difference was not that big for most of the game, which made me nervous, until you took the city in the north which increased that difference in your favour.
In our second game after giving you the chance to block so many of my followers which you took immediately, it was really hard for me to do anything, luckily I got the tile I had been waiting for to release some but it was too late.
Thank you for the tough duel Dan  :)

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