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Barns Farmers and Pigs

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--- Quote from: RubyDoo on June 27, 2022, 12:00:17 AM ---If the blue player has a farmer and pig and the red player has a farmer on the same field. When a barn is placed on that field does the pig score any points.

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Thanks you everyone so far. We had a hotly contested game last night (they mostly are!) and came to a draw. I was feeling that I had missed out as my 'pig' points were disallowed which I thought was the wrong decision so decided I needed to investigate ! Really appreciating your answers and clarifications.

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Funny fact is, when joining two fields where one has Barn and second has farmer, you are able to place pig to field and then you get extra points.

But this other situation, not placing Barn, but join field to field with Barn.

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In this scenario, if the barn is added by connecting fields, the scoring goes as follows:
* Blue would receive 2 points per completed city and 3 points per castle (Blue pig --> 1 extra point per feature)
* Red would receive 1 point per completed city and 2 points per castle (no Red pig --> no extra points)


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