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Markets of Leipzig - Tanners quarter bonus for fields during the game


ML09. The rules state that the Tanners quarter bonus is applied to fields during final scoring. Should this bonus be applied to other field scorings happening during the game, e.g. when placing a barn or connecting a field with a barn?

Example: Does Red receive the Tanners quarter bonus for this farmer scored during the game?

* The rules were designed with the base game in mind, so we would like to verify if this limitation (only affecting fields at the end of the game) was caused by this fact or it should be extended to other field scorings during the game.

Current understanding:
* We are considering the explicit limitation in the rules, so we are only applying the Tanners quarter bonus to fields scored after the game.

See also:
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* Community Rule to extend the Tanners quarter bonus to fields scored during the game, for example, triggered by barns or Message #8.


I'm in favour of extending it for scoring due to a barn.
Imho, the bonus is for farmer scoring, and that is what happens when placing/connecting to a barn  :)

It should definitely apply to barns and message 8, because rules for both explicitly state that the meeples are scored as if it were the end of the game - already are other end-of-game effects applied to these cases such as the pig for barn activated farmer scoring, or inns and cathedrals negating points for message 8. So Markets of Leipzig should without a doubt apply too.

ALSO: Why are there two identical topics and polls for this?

The scoring of a field during the game when a barn is placed replicated the scoring of fields at the end of the game. Fields scored when connected to another with a barn follow the same approach but with different basic points per city and castle.

There are two topics because one discusses field scorings during the game and the other barn scorings after the game.


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